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Know how to prepare for NEET 2019 at home

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Preparing for NEET is not easy – rather it is super difficult. But when I say difficult, I don’t mean impossible. It is very much possible to clear this exam with utmost precision and stable preparation. One don’t need to spend hours and a lot of money on coaching classes. It is fairly possible to crack NEET 2019 by preparing at home.

It may require a lot of hard work, relatively more but the result is worth the pain you take. You may have heard a lot of success stories of students who opted for coaching classes and score exceptionally great in NEET. But have you ever heard the story of a guy who despite enrolling with a good coaching center was not able to score good marks or failed to qualify the exam. This is the marketing gimmick adopted by coaching classes to increase their enrollment numbers.

It practically does not matters which coaching class you go or wether you go or not. NEET UG will test your performance on the basis of the knowledge that you have gained. Self-study is considered to be the most important ingredient for successfully qualifying NEET. Therefore even if you prepare for NEET from home without going to those fancy and expensive classes, that’s perfectly fine.

In this article we bring you top tips to prepare for NEET at home, and score good marks in the final exam.

  • Create a timetable – It is crucial to prepare and follow study plan for NEET regularly. This will lead to discipline in your daily schedule. A well-crafted timetable allows you to bifurcate time and allot equal time to each section.
  • Revisit your basics –  This is important for both toppers and average candidates. Candidates appearing for NEET must have the basic understanding of concepts. They must have in-depth understanding of every topic and concept. Only comprehensive knowledge can help them in the final exam.
  • Take Mock Tests – Candidates must take full-length mock tests while preparing for NEET from home. As you are doing self-study there will be no one under whose guidance you are preparing. Candidates should practice using NEET 2019 Online Mock Tests and solving previous year question papers regularly. Don’t wait for your preparations to get completed to attempt a mock test. You should start taking topic-wise test after you are finished studying one chapter.
  • Revise Regularly – Since NEET syllabus is vast, revision is very important. Even if you have complete knowledge about a topic, chapter or section, revision is required. Candidates can take 40-50 multiple choice questions from a particular topic or chapter and solve them taking 1 minute for each question. You should always go for comprehensive revision. For this, NCERT textbooks are very useful.


Always remember, you are always successful if you study hard and smart together. There is no substitute to your hard work in NEET preparation.

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