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Last 1 Month Preparation Tips for Board Exam 2019

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CBSE board exams 2019 will begin from 2019. Students preparing to sit for this exam have just 1 month at their disposal. Having great strategies are utmost important to maximize your preparation for this board exam. The most important strategy being time management. Time Management is one of the key ingredients to clear any exam. If you are managing your time correctly, you will always get the desired result.

Without proper time management you tend to waste a lot of your effort. To ensure there is no last minute hassles and you score desired marks, you need to have a separate last 1 month study plan with you. Below are some of the time management tips to score well in last one month of your board exam preparation.

Plan your day well

Always plan your studies ahead of time for any exam. In the last one month you already know your strengths and weaknesses. Revising them before the final exam can improve your confidence and help you get more clarity. On the other hand, you should always maintain your strengths through regular practice. Strengthen your base by revisiting the basics, always.

Solve mock test

Solving past year’s question papers and mock tests helps you strengthen your strong areas and improve your weaknesses. It also gives you ample practice and helps you acquaint you with different questions that can be asked in the real exam.


There are two ways you can practice mock test:

  • Create an exam-like environment – While writing your mock test always make sure you take it seriously like the real test. Try to attempt that exam between 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (the actual board exam time) to get used to with the timings and environment. Take no/very less breaks and avoid any distraction like phone, music, tv etc.


  • Do not overdo – Taking mock exams enables you to systematically revise and practice for the final exam. While it is good to revise during the final few days, do not overdo your practice session. If you are done with your syllabus, make sure to attempt only 2 mock tests a day – not more than that.

Apply Pomodoro Method

In this technique, set a timer of 30 minutes and as soon as the timer rings, take a 5-10 minutes study break. Again set and timer and follow the same process. The small breaks in between help in relaxing mind and motivating you.

Practice topics you are less confident about

The concepts that you have just read and aren’t confident about, need to be prioritized during revision. Learn those topics well in the last few days. In fact, these days video lectures are in trend and it is seen that students understand the concept really well through visual methods. Prepare a one or two page notes which should a snapshot of your entire syllabus. This helps in recalling important concepts quickly.


A good score in board exams help you take up your preferred course in a good institute. Follow these preparation tips for scoring well.


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