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Most Asked Topics for NEET 2022 Biology

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Most Asked Topics for NEET 2022 Biology

The National Testing Agency administers the NEET exam. This is the only medical entrance exam offered in India. Because of this, NEET is a competition between millions of students, and you must be prepared for every question, including the Biology section if you want great results.

To crack the NEET examination effortlessly, you need detailed preparation. Students should study with full dedication and concentration in classes 11 and 12 so they are prepared for all topics covered in the NEET syllabus.

When you are finished studying Biology, you can check some reference books and sample papers for practice. There is no point in simply following the syllabus; students need to study the facts deeply and do lots of practice. In the NEET paper, Biology contains the majority of questions, including questions on Botany and Zoology. Thus, you should plan specific strategies to obtain a good score.

Before beginning your preparation for NEET 2022 in Biology, you must be aware of the chapter-wise weightage of Biology. Below is the chapter-wise weightage for Biology in NEET 2022:

Name of Chapter Weightage
Diversity in the living world 14%
Cell structure and function 5%
Structural organisation in animals and plants 9%
Plant physiology 6%
Human physiology 20%
Reproduction 9%
Genetics and evolution 18%
Biotechnology and its applications 3%
Biology and human welfare 4%
Ecology and environment 12%


Most Asked Topics for NEET 2022 Biology

  •       Cell Biology and Genetics
  •       Morphology
  •       Ecology & Environment
  •       Reproduction
  •       Basics of Biotechnology
  •       Physiology of Animals & Plants

Every year, the level of competition increases. Therefore, to succeed in the examination, one must follow the best policy – plan your exam, complete the NCERT syllabus from classes 11 and 12, and become familiar with questions.

Here are some NEET preparation tips to ensure a good ranking in NEET 2022:

  1. Get the right books for your studies.
  2. Establish a schedule for studying.
  3. Practice NEET Sample Papers and Previous Years’ Question Papers.
  4. Concentrate on your weaker areas.
  5. Take Good Care of Yourself.

To score well on the NEET exam, candidates should take note of these above-mentioned NEET 2022 preparation tips. We have covered the tips for cracking NEET 2022 and most asked topics while preparing for Biology.

You should practice the NEET 2022 Mock Tests available on the SpeEdLabs App along with Previous Year Sample Papers, and create a study strategy that works for you.

Keep studying and strive towards your goals. You must learn basic skills such as time management and problem-solving to crack NEET. One of the most effective and tested tips is to make notes of the important facts so that you can review them when you are done with the syllabus.

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