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Get the best NCERT Solutions for Class 10 and 12 Preparation

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NCERT solutions for Class 10 and 12 preparation

As Class 10 or 12 boards exam approaches tension builds up. You will hear a lot of preparation tips and strategies from your classmates, teachers, and elders. Out of the many pieces of advice that you get most will be related to the books or reference material you should take up for final exam preparation. This is where your confusion increases. After listening to them, you tend to refer too many books for the board exam.

So, if you ask us at SpeedLabs we generally advise students to refer NCERT books, majorly. This is purely for a simple reason – a large portion of the questions in the paper revolve around NCERT books. Therefore, frankly, NCERT books should be enough. Referring to this book will supplement or boost your preparation. This book has a solution for every subject; it aids preparation, revision, and practice. For instance, if you refer NCERT book for Mathematics, you have a question bank to solve and test your preparation. You will get a lot of unsolved questions along with NCERT solutions for Class 10 and 12 Mathematics.

Not just mathematics, In subjects like Physics and Chemistry, some topics are explained in an elaborative way. Toppers typically advise their classmates to refer NCERT textbooks for preparation as the main study material.

In a nutshell, study from NCERT books and you can use a reference material or book only to supplement your preparation. You can refer to NCERT solutions for Maths and Science.

The NCERT solution is designed and developed by subject matter experts to provide an accurate solution for problems covered in Class 4 to 12. With the help of this book, students from all classes can attain the right approach for correctly answering the questions. These solutions develop a strong base in students, which is good for students planning to appear for competitive exams.

Some of these also have keynotes at the end of every chapter with a detailed summary, important formulas and well-illustrated topics covering all the essential topics explained in the textbooks.

For those students who are targeting Class 10 and 12 board exams and looking for solutions to NCERT questions can relax now. These solutions are well-drafted and prepared after extensive research; making it the right choice for candidates appearing for boards both Classes 10 and 12. Also, as it is prepared by subject matter experts, you can sure of its reliability, completeness, and accuracy.

Important Features of NCERT Solutions

  • Created by subject matter experts to deliver easy, quick and accurate solutions
  • Exercise-wise solved examples for better and clear understanding
  • Developed in lucid and easy to understand format for students
  • Hassle free access to chapter and topic-wise NCERT solutions
  • Clear and detailed explanation to provide a comprehensive understanding of every topic from the syllabus
  • Topic-specific coverage of entire syllabus
  • Solutions are explained with proper and relevant illustrations and graphs for better understanding
  • Improves problem-solving skills, accuracy, and speed by describing multiple ways to solve a problem or approach a question to score great marks.

Today, there are a lot of reference books available in the market. Instead of providing basic knowledge these books are full of concise notes which make understanding difficult and confuse the student. Not just for boards, for any exam students should not refer multiple books to prepare for the exam. It unnecessarily adds to your confusion and stress. So, it is best to stick to NCERT textbooks of NCERT solutions to prepare, practice and revise.

How are NCERT Solution books beneficial?

  • It helps in the clear understanding of fundamentals
  • It covers all important aspects of the syllabus
  • Great preparation for final exams as a lot of questions in the board papers tends to be taken from NCERT books only
  • It strengthens your conceptual base thereby giving complete clarity
  • Develops the ability to solve questions or problems at ease
  • Helps in the proper preparation of competitive exams
  • Helps in achieving the desired (positive) results
  • It also covers problems of a higher level for aiding in-depth conceptual learning
  • These solutions strictly adhere to CBSE curriculum so it is great for both competitive and board exams


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