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Online courses for school students in lockdown

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The options and opportunities for students to learn have increased tremendously, courtesy of online courses. 

Why just for students, the online world has benefited adults, working-class, housewives, retired people, and so on as well. Today, people of all ages and experience levels have options to learn. 

While the Covid-19 pandemic disturbed day to day life and lifestyle of almost everyone including students, who witnessed temporary (but for a long time) cessation of schools, online classes and courses were the solutions. The rapid shift in education, from physical mode to digitalized mode took place, making online learning a surrogate for the conventional form of learning. This shift, not only prevented a slowdown of educational growth but also encouraged students to continue learning remotely even in a tough environment. 

Apart from traditional school education, students are able to learn various skills in the form of online courses from the comfort of their homes, thus helping in their overall development.

Hence, 2020 saw a surge in enrolments on MOOC (Massive open online classes) providers.

The categories 

Online courses can be broadly classified into two forms: 

  • One, which is related to the school curriculum. For example, learning trigonometry or algebra with the help of these online courses.
  • Another, which can be taken into consideration for learning extra-curricular activities. For example, learning to play guitar or learning video editing from online courses.


Advantages of online courses 


  • Online courses offer flexibility: A student can study online courses any time he/she wants and everything is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Online courses avoid unnecessary travel: The method of online course delivery can’t be beaten in any sense because one can sit in the comfort of their home and can apply for it without worrying about anything.
  • Online courses have a borderless nature: A student can connect to different educators throughout the world and can enhance his/her skills. This helps in bringing more opportunities and students are able to learn with the entire global community.
  • Online courses offer self-restraint to students: Students are able to test their self-control in this method of learning as no one is there looking over them whether they are studying or not. If not, self-realization compels them for the same which will definitely lead them towards success.
  • Online courses offer lifelong learning: Almost every online course offers lifetime access once it is acquired. So, if a student forgets after a few weeks or months what he/she has studied earlier they can go online and check and this will help to develop the skills of finding the information and synthesizing it.
  • Online courses offer one to one interaction: A student can get his/her questions (doubts) answered directly. One can message his/her instructor directly via email, or any other messaging platform (for example telegram) and can get queries solved. 
  • Online courses offer monetary benefits: Consider a situation for this statement. Suppose you’re attending your offline course, so no doubt you have to visit school and the transportation will come with some expenses. On the other hand, if one is opting for an online course, they spend nothing on transportation.
  • Online courses are less exhausting: As compared to offline ones, a student gets less exhausted physically and he/she is able to manage other things of the timetable efficiently.


Sources of online courses

Multiple sources of online courses are available at present so that a student can opt between numerous available choices and can select what is best for them. Many schools have collaborated with educational websites that offer such online courses. These courses have been made mandatory for students so that learning can take place in a well-structured and systematic manner. Some of the courses are available free of cost while others come with a certain cost. Few available sources of online courses are:


  1. Coursera: It is offering more than 1000 courses from the top-ranked universities of the world for students.
  2. YouTube: It is the biggest online video sharing platform in the world. One can easily find thousands of great educational and other miscellaneous videos for personal development skills.
  3. Udemy: It is another great platform for students to learn new skills and it offers more than 60,000 courses from top educators throughout the world.
  4. Open Yale courses: Such courses offer help to those students who can’t afford to pay exorbitant fees of top institutes. Many universities throughout the world are making their course material available for the benefit of the general public through platforms like open Yale courses.

Future of online courses

Many students are attracted to the flexibility of online courses and hence it is definitely the future of education. For some, distance learning (through online mode) is a better and cheap alternative as compared to offline ones. Online courses will enable school students to study subjects like programming, automation, photography, editing, artificial intelligence. Such courses are having revolutionary potential and they do drive innovations all over the globe making them an integral part of the future.

Key Takeaways

We live in a constantly changing and developing world full of new possibilities every day. To be able to survive, we hence need more and new information, new skills and new horizons of growth. The online education world is providing us with remarkable options to learn, grow and survive.

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