Personalized Learning And Lessons From Distance Education

Personalised Learning

The pandemic has made distance education a common phenomenon that is being widely accepted as the new norm moving forward. 

The strategies required during the periods of remote learning have further strengthened the importance of adapting new lesson delivery methods, e-learning technology, resources and pace to suit the individual student, regardless of whether it’s in a virtual learning space or physical classroom. 

This blog highlights the cardinal points that can be taken away as lessons from the medium we all know as Distance learning/E-learning/Hybrid learning:

Lessons from Distance Education

Interactive learning-

The AI-based learning provides an interesting understanding of the concepts. This has now become more convenient due to the various platforms that are used while teaching online. Such an environment is provided on Speedlabs. in

Instant and constant feedbacks-

Providing targeted and ongoing feedback to students remains one of the simplest and one of effective ways to improve student learning. When done effectively, feedback provides students with a ‘roadmap’ for success.

Progress tracker-

Tracking student progress is a valuable and essential process. Using an easy and integrated system that can visualize student progress and achievement allows teachers to analyze students learning at a glance. This is provided by the SpeedLabs platform.

Improvised communication-

Communication skills are taught in schools throughout all subjects in a variety of learning environments. When learning went online, timely communication between teachers, students and parents became even more integral and necessary.

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