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Primary School Teacher Salary in India | after 7th CPC, PRT Pay Scale

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Primary School Teacher Salary In India


On an average Primary School Teacher Salary in India around is Rs 237,768 per year. Skills and experience direct influences higher Primary School Teacher pay scale. Skills that associated with higher income is B. Ed, BTC etc.

Primary School Teacher Salary After 7th CPC

Primary School Teacher will get various job opportunities either in government or private school. PRT Pay Scale in India After 7th Pay commission has been revised, now PRT salaries have been hiked up and one also get other admissible benefits.

Primary School Teacher Salary


Particulars Primary School Teacher Salary In India
Salary Rs 108,313 – Rs 470,309
Bonus Rs 508 – Rs 25,042
Profit Sharing Rs 0.00 – Rs 204,257
Total Pay Rs 108,091 – Rs 472,877

Primary School Teacher Salaries

Education & Instruction Average Salary
Teacher Rs. 15,182 per month
Mathematics Teacher Rs.16,750 per month
English Teacher Rs. 14,513 per month
School Teacher Rs. 17,768 per month
Elementary School Teacher Rs.13,218 per month
Coordinator Rs. 2,54,141 per year
Preschool Teacher Rs. 12,000 per month
Library Assistant Rs. 20,000 per month
Librarian Rs. 15,610 per month

Primary School Teacher Salary Based on Experience

Experience Average Annual Salary
Less than a year INR 59,516 – INR 232,699
1-4 years INR 70,181 – INR 279,774
5-9 years INR 82,851 – INR 297,988
10-19 years INR 78,292 – INR 360,000
20 years and more INR 180,000 – INR 268,584

Primary School Teacher Salaries Based On Degrees

For building career as teacher mainly depends on academic credentials.One has to complete in B.Ed courses to getting a chance of being to teacher in government and private schools. Primary School Teacher salary in hand will be influenced by acquired certification or degrees and you will be paid impressive salary

Degree Or Certification Average Annual Salary
Bachelor’s degree INR 69,996 – INR 289,617
Bilingual education INR 108,000 – INR 192,000
Teacher Certification INR 71,353 – INR 300,607
Middle Teacher Certification (Grade 5-9) INR 103,846 – INR 174,000
Elementary Teacher Certification (Grade 1-5) INR 72,877 – INR 301,362
Secondary Teacher Certification (Grade 9-12) INR 78,000- INR 232,258

Salary Of Primary Schools Teachers Based On Cities

Cities Average Annual Salary
Primary School Teacher Salary In West Bengal Kolkata, INR 48,322 – INR 147,681
Bengaluru, Karnataka INR 112,101 – INR 208,553
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 84,000 – INR 310,106
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 72,240 – INR 206,084
Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 82,541 – INR 180,000
Pune, Maharashtra INR 79,354 – INR 181,514

Top Skills Required For Primary School Teacher

  • Enjoy working with children
  • Creativity
  • Organizational skills
  • Patient in dealing children of differ abilities
  • Able to communicate simply and clearly
  • Prepared to work outside of school hours


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