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Quick Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics

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JEE Main Result April 2019
  1. Do not attempt to read Math: This subject does not hold concepts to learn more. Many a time, it is seen that the students try to study the questions, popularly theorems which are not good preparation. Understand the concepts and know the formulae provided in several chapters. Keep your practice intact and solve each and every question. While doing so, you will be able to analyse if you are going wrong anywhere and how you can improve them.
  2. Frequent Testing: There are so many problem-solving papers for Mathematics. Attempt the same pattern of questions and understand the technique applied to solve those. Look for new questions on a similar context. Commit to your memory that the Past Year Question papers, Sample Papers and other Model Test Papers are the best preparation tools for CBSE class 10 Maths.
  3. Be thorough with important formulae and definitions: All the chapters in CBSE class 10 Mathematics contain specific formulae and definitions that every student is expected to know. Before you jump into any formula, read the explanation that is related to it. Once you understand the concept, you quickly have a good hold to the formulae. In case if you find any of the equations challenging to remember, mark them and revise again and again.
  4. Regularity: All the subjects are equally important, and you must keep a fair amount of time for each of them for the consistency of practice. Make sure that your study timetable has mathematics on a regular basis.

As the exam approaches, try not to take the stress. Just be honest to your board exam 2019 preparation, and you will definitely score well. Believe yourself, follow a healthy diet and make a good night sleep the night before the exam. You will do great!

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