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Revealed! These 7 Tips will Surely Help you Crack ICSE & CBSE

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Most board exams like ICSE and CBSE will start from February. Students preparing for this exam are usually quite stressed. They generally look for some handy preparation tips to score well in these exams.

CBSE 2019 Board Exam Schedule

The CBSE Class 10 exams will begin from February 21, while Class 12 exams will be held from February 15 to April 3, 2019.

ICSE 2019 Board Exam Schedule

The ICSE Class 10 examinations will begin from February 22 and ISC Class 12 examinations from February 4.

Below are top 7 tips you need to ensure you follow to score well in the final exam.

  1. Try competing with self – CBSE or ICSE is not a war, it is an exam. So, don’t stress. Just try to set a benchmark for yourself every day. Set a target, keep a check on your performance, and try to match your result with previous day’s result to see how much you’ve improved.
  2. Be faithful to yourself – Always move ahead with a plan. One mistake that most students commit is they dump a pile of books on their study table and try to study everything. This usually lands them in the ‘no man land.’ Market is flooded with a lot of books from different publications. Your job is not to increase their business by buying every book, your work is to prepare well. Select 2-3 best books and refer only those throughout your preparation to avoid any stress and confusion. You can pick NCERT Solutions Class 10.
  3. Know the syllabus well – Before you even start preparing for the exam, make sure you know the syllabus completely. NCERT books are usually the great choice as it is as per the syllabus of the board. Do practice some previous year question papers to familiarize yourself with the syllabus.
  4. Stay away from social media – Today’s generation is more on social media then in their own house. But you will have to cut off from that world to score good marks. Remember, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. are all the biggest source of distraction. They inject an emotional imbalance in you. So, stay away from it and utilize your time and channelize your energy in CBSE and ICSE Class 10 board exam 2019 preparation.
  5. A day before the exam – Relax and calm your mind before the exam. Because only a stable mind can help you attempt the questions cleverly. So, meditate and sleep early to wake up fresh and motivated.
  6. During the exam – Keep all the essentials like pencil, eraser, pens, scale or geometrical kits at your disposal to avoid wasting time. Plan well in reading time of 15 minutes, about the sequence of answering. Be clear in marking Sections and serial number of question. Always remember that if examiner frustrates by your presentation you will not score well. If possible attempt 6 section in the start.
  7. Last few minutes of the exam – Never skip the final few minutes’ revision. Even if you are done with your paper 10-15 minutes before the time, make sure you go through the entire paper once to see if you have left something, or there is a spelling mistake.


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