Schooling beyond Schools- Need to make Schools Resilient

COVID-19 pandemic has caused schools all over the world to shut down in March 2020 keeping more than 1.2 billion learners out of their classrooms. A large number of these learners transitioned successfully from off-line to online classes. Since time immemorial we have used the terms education, learning and schooling inter-changeably. However, in the current pandemic conditions these terms have assumed different connotations.

The schools of the future will be Hybrid Schools. The brick and mortar buildings that we have loved as our alma mater are going change and shrink in many ways as the children will be interacting more and more with teachers across the computer screen which doesn’t necessitate coming to school every day. Like working from home, home-schooling will be a new addition to the popular lingo. The day is not far when Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a bigger role than human teachers in teaching. We can only hope that the transition will never be total and human teachers will continue to enrich the lives and lessons of their learners by integrating culture, ethics, morals, human values and life skills in their teachings. For the simple reason that man-making should not be delegated to machines!!

“The rapid shift to move everything online, zoom classes, teaching through smart phones, all of this is part of a short-term response which was necessary but not sufficient. We need to fundamentally reimagine schools, build a resilient system strategically detailing how are we going to deal with the turbulence for next few years, said Nilekani, who is also Co-founder of EkStep Foundation.

The use of technology to facilitate a customized learning ecosystem can be a game-changer in making 21st century students learn efficiently. One look at the current academic landscape ascertains how there has been a steady shift of education from antiquated classroom learning methods towards a more personalized space with academic-support tools tailored to each individual student’s needs. Based on this framework, new age learning methodologies like SpeedLabs emerged with the goal to offer personalized education and practice-based learning with the help of technology. With the use of the most advanced AI and machine learning technologies, SpeedLabs provides online courses for JEE, NEET, CBSE, ICSE & IGCSE keeping in mind the diverse needs of students.


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