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Sleep, why do we need it and what happens without it?

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The golden link between body and health, sleep!


Hey folks! How are you? Today we have come up with a different yet interesting topic which will for sure help you in some way or the other, sleep.


It is rightly said by Tom Rath, “Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective tomorrow”.


Why sleep? 

Many of you may think that this topic, sleep, is not that important and it has negligible relevance, right? But unfortunately, you all are wrong. Sleep is as important as it is to eat food and drink water. So let us discover why we need to sleep and what can happen without it.

Compare our body to a machine. Our body also performs multiple functions the same as that of a machine. Can you run a machine 24/7 without any rest? It is impossible but still if you’ll try doing so, the machine will undergo various ruptures and distortions will take place, ultimately leading to a failure. Now come to the human body. Sleep is a form of rest that the human body undergoes for several hours every night or sometimes during the day as well. 


While we are sleeping, our: 

  • The nervous system is partially inactive
  • Eyes are closed
  • Muscles are relaxed
  • We are not fully conscious.


Hence sleep is very important for the human body to function properly. Moreover, let us discuss the importance and consequences of inadequate sleep habits in detail under the below-mentioned points.


  • Increased concentration: This particular point is highly meant for students. Proper sleep increases productivity and enhances concentration. More productivity means more problem-solving skills and less carelessness. The human brain functions appropriately and fruitfully when the sleep cycle is fully completed without any obstruction.


  • Less lethargy, more activeness: If you are a sports player, make a note of this point. Your performance in the game is directly proportional to the amount of sleep you take. If you are sleep deprived, you will face severe consequences while playing. A study made on a few players has shown that ones with enough sleep time were efficient in speed, more active, more accurate, proficient in faster decision making etc. as compared to those with lack of sleep.


  • Improper health conditions: Your sleep cycle has a major impact on your health conditions. Your weight directly depends upon your sleep. Less sleep means more weight which is the beginning of a risk called obesity. Your gym workout full of numerous efforts has no significance without proper sleep if you’re on a journey to lose weight. This was just a basic consequence, a sleep-deprived person has more chances of getting a heart stroke and other heart diseases. Apart from this, glucose metabolism is directly under the influence of the sleep cycle. Most importantly, severe diseases like type-2 diabetes can also develop if you are sleeping less than 6 hours in one stretch.


  • Impact on your mental health and emotions: We always prioritize physical health more than mental health but this is not the case in actuality. Mental health is far more important than physical health because it is practically possible to recover from physical problems but mental ones leave a lifelong impact on the person. Good sleep is like protein for mental health as well as your emotions. On the other hand, a bad sleep schedule is very dangerous because such people avoid social interactions because of their inability to differentiate between various emotions. All this happens because of your sleep habits so please do take care of them. On the extreme stage, conditions like depression and panic attacks can occur.


  • Better performance in class/work: You must have seen students taking sleep between lectures/running classes. Why does this happen? This is the result of improper sleep at night or in one stretch. Taking a healthy sleep of at least 7-8 hours is even recommended by experts so that you can remain charged for the very next day. It not only makes your brain sharp but also increases your confidence to stand in front of people. You can notice that a sleep-deprived person will try to avoid people and pretend to be an introverted person.


Key Takeaways


Last but not the least, to repair your body sleep is important. You must never neglect it because of any other work as you’ll surely affect your next day in some way or the other. Moreover, to get a night of good sleep, avoid the use of any screen (for example mobile, laptop) before at least 1 hour of your bedtime. Instead of using a smartphone you can read books or have a chit chat with your close ones in physical mode. Remember: Health is wealth and this health constitutes proper sleep as well.

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