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SpeEdLabs’ Incredible Journey: Achieving Greater Heights in Education

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SpeEdLabs’ Incredible Journey: Achieving Greater Heights in Education

The pandemic has resulted in dynamic teaching ways across the world. As universities still move all of their operations online, workers and faculty are working comprehensively to deliver students high-quality teaching remotely and digitally.


The Indian School System is one of the biggest education providers to over 250 million students. Modern or advanced education is the up to date approach to training the students in schools and learning establishments of the twenty-first century. The new education demands to maneuver far from traditional subjects like medical, non-medical, commerce and humanities, and focus additional on life skills, important and analytical thinking and logical reasoning. The new-age hybrid education system includes utilizing the newest technology like smartphones, mobile applications, audio and video platforms, podcasts and e-books to coach the learners while partaking and attention-grabbing.


The benefits of Hybrid Learning platforms like SpeEdLabs are various, from providing larger access to education to catering for various learning designs at the same time and serving to alleviate a number of the issues related to student absence. It is solely through absolutely understanding numerous edges that you simply will begin to grasp why hybrid learning is raising intrinsically a crucial idea.


Reasons why students prefer Hybrid Learning Models:


  1. Flexibility in Learning: One of the important reasons to prefer hybrid learning is the improved level of flexibility it offers and this sort of flexibility is turning into very vital inside the education sector. Learners need as several choices as doable and the ability to maneuver from in-person to remote learning is often priceless. 


2. Growth in Approachable Learning: The foremost exciting facet of hybrid learning is its potential to open up access to learning. For schools, this enhanced access to learning conjointly suggests that they will attract students from a wider variety of locations. The choice for remote education at intervals of hybrid learning suggests that educational establishments now do not have to be compelled to continue sourcing students from close and it even suggests the potential to open up courses to international students, while not having to relocate.


3. Improved Teaching Resources: Another major reason for preferring hybrid learning is its ability to enhance the teaching resources used and this will be seen in a variety of various ways in which. The combo of physical classroom learning and remote learning will yield smaller lecture rooms to cater for additional students, whereas saving the largest rooms for lessons that want them.


One among the key edges of hybrid learning is the ability to mix the demand for each learning design, which means one course will cater to each of those preferences.


4. 100 Percent Student Attendance: Lastly, one of the foremost unnoticed edges of hybrid learning is the potential to cut back cases of absence on a course. People may sometimes feel too physically unwell to attend a classroom; they still may feel like interacting with the class if they are well enough through remote learning which means they do not have to be compelled to miss out entirely.


Several hybrid lessons are recorded and uploaded online, permitting them to be downloaded or streamed later. This implies that, even in things where students do have to be compelled to miss classes through improper health, sorrowfulness, or programming conflicts, they will have the chance to simply catch up at a later date. This will be particularly useful while managing student absences that will be long-term, like those caused by chronic health conditions.


How did SpeEdLabs come into existence?


SpeEdLabs was founded and established by Vivek Varshney – an alumnus of IIM Lucknow and IIT Kanpur, having over fifteen years of expertise within the field of education innovation. He has designed a distinguished hybrid pedagogy to find the correct balance between AI ed-tech and classroom teaching.


SpeEdLabs is a Smart Practice and Individualised Learning Platform that uses a mix of Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Learning to avail personalized learning for every student. 


As several educationists around the world have known, the future of education is going to be a ‘Hybrid’ – that has the correct balance of online and offline learning. SpeEdLabs offers this balance through a custom-built learning and training expertise to provide every student with resources, assessments, and study plans that are best suited to him or her.


Powai, the hotspot and heart of Mumbai, is where it all started with just 30 students and IIT and NIT experienced faculty. Today, we have successfully built a legacy where students trust us for our superlative coaching and guidance.


Evolution of SpeEdLabs: A Hybrid Learning Model


Mumbai based foremost EdTech platform ‘SpeEdLabs’ (India’s only Platform with Hybrid Learning Model) has recently reached a big milestone by crossing 3000 active academic partners and is all set to expand its presence from the present 200 cities to 800 cities across the country with its AI-enabled personalized learning platform in K12 and Test Prep Space, in the next six months.


SpeEdLabs is currently serving over 1, 00,000 students and is engaged with over 2500 teachers/coaching partners across 200 cities which will shortly expand to 800 cities across 23 states in India. Currently, there are over 3, 00,000 questions on the market on the AI apply platform for the students. The students will be able to practice solving these questions and acquire assessments by the teachers, therefore upgrading their overall learning performance.

When it comes to academic influence, there is no other platform that is parallel to SpeEdLabs. Amidst the pandemic, our AI-based hybrid-learning model supported the teaching practices of tutors and teachers across India. Our faculty members with 20+ years of experience have helped students rank amongst the top 50. In a few years, we have delivered more than 12 IIT selections and six students have joined top universities out of India such as UCLA, Purdue University, UC Berkeley and NTU Toronto. 


Our company’s history and goal of making a difference permeates every level of our organization — right from our adaptive practice approach, to a tech-enabled portal for teachers, to delivering personalised attention to students, to parents’ satisfaction.

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