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Celebrating 6 Years Of Our Success Journey

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We started with a handful of people; we aimed for a sky full of achievements.

Small office, but vast vision

Few heads, but many ideas

6 years later, we don’t have a struggle story, ours is a success story.


Most brands, like ours, started out as small businesses. And every business or company have secret mantra for success, we had ours too. We were never in the business of education; we are in the field of education. We had our building blocks in place to construct a flourishing brand with a harmoniously flourishing future.

The opening scene of any brand story is often related with struggles, we are here to negate that. Our beginning started with a dream, to work enthusiastically in providing a platform for students that involves conceptual thinking, a platform that is interactive, a platform that is as easy as pie.

From a team of four to now a company of hundreds, we have delivered and aim to offer The SpeEdLabs Advantage to as many students as possible. The journey that began in Indore, India’s cleanest city for the years from 2017 to 2020, has now made students confident PAN India.

Our goal was crystal clear, to provide what we were never offered. A podium of personalized education where every child receives coaching that is best suited to enhance his or her capabilities. The dream was not to defy the traditional learning forms but to modify them as per the present world and to rethink them for a bright future. For us, each student is special, and they all need a bridge between dreams and capabilities, we wanted to be that bridge.

Six good years later, here we are, we have created a proficient team and platform where we provide each student an environment of collaborative learning and thought-driven concepts.

The team we started with, and the players who joined in over the years made SpeEdLabs a platform sought by both teachers and students alike,to enhance foundational concept-based learning, and to obtain personalized solutions. Our agenda isn’t to make students geniuses but learners.

In the past 6 year, we created a canopy with a combination of Artificial Intelligence & Adaptive Learning to ensure personalized learning for each student. Our AI-based practice platform is built using a blend of modern teaching techniques, technically-calibrated practice sessions and most of all – a personalised approach.

Today, with 10K students, 1M questions, 25K concepts, 1.5K B2B coaching centres, we still dream – to make learning and practice accessible to every student, to perceive every student’s ability individually and to provide them a convenient setting for them to practice more and understand concepts better.

6 Years of SpeEdlabs, several more to come until we students happy to learn and confident to perform.

Till then, picturing newer and bigger dreams every day!



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