How eLearning Adoption Can Help Students Score High in Exams

Students Woman Studying Online Browsing E-Learning Concept

India is one of the biggest markets for elearning. The country’s elearning market will touch the US$1.95 billion mark by 2021 if the current Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.75 percent continues. And chances are, schools as well as colleges will implement at least some degree of elearning in coming years. Reasons for Elearning Popularity There’re several reasons why elearning is gaining popularity. India is home to nearly two million schools and colleges. However, India is facing a shortage of qualified and experienced teachers. At least a million vacancies…

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7 Reasons Exams Are Important


Many students, irrespective of their age, find exams of all sorts extremely stressful. In fact, way back in 2011, Australia’s Macquaire University even debated if they should do away with exams altogether. However, exams, in spite of the anxiety they cause, are actually very important for students’ development. Here are seven reasons why – 1. Exams Provide A Balanced Assessment Exams test students in different contexts – short answer, essays, multiple choice – so they can demonstrate the information they know and how they can apply it. Furthermore, exams indicate…

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