Teaching Is The Greatest Act Of Optimism

A teacher’s profession is the most noble one and of vital importance worldwide. Their duty is not merely to teach from the prescribed books but their greater duty is to mold the minds of their students, develop their personalities and kindle the love of knowledge in them. They are extremely powerful, having the greatest power of exercising a far-reaching influence on the rising generation. A teacher strives hard to not only teach the prescribed course but also develop in his/her pupils, the qualities of discipline integrity and idealism. They try to be a living embodiment of the thirst for knowledge and sterling qualities of character which they would like the young generation to cultivate. Teachers act as an anchor for the pupil whenever the need arises. He or she is capable of providing emotional support whenever needed. A teacher is like a surrogate parent to many who are unable to place their trust in their parents or others. Teachers are resilient, for teaching is a demanding profession that drains a person emotionally and mentally.

“If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.” – Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Our teachers play such an integral role in our lives. They are our role models and they help in providing a foundation for one of the most important things that an individual requires in his or her life: education. Our teachers guide and enlighten us every time we are lost, be it academically or otherwise and for this we must be extremely grateful. The support, understanding and patience that a teacher has towards the students is one of the greatest gifts that we can ever achieve and it is these qualities that bring out the happiness in students and make their academic journey more enjoyable and glorious. Teachers have innumerable contributions in our lives and, we, as students, must be inspired by this. They provide wisdom and intellect to us with diligence and perseverance and mold our ethics, morals and values to transform us into complete, balanced, happy, appreciative and highly achieving individuals.

The most important thing that teachers do is that they spark interest and curiosity in their children about what they are teaching, two qualities which are extremely important to possess if one wants to be successful in life. They induce in us a sense of discipline so that we can avoid external distractions in life and solely focus on our important goals and challenges that life has to offer. It is the teachers who provide light to our dimly lit paths, so that we do not lose our way and can clearly be focused on our final destination.

Therefore, the least we can do is thank them and appreciate their immense efforts and sacrifices. Teachers always aspire for their students’ success and work tirelessly to create an environment that can nurture us and go an extra mile to ensure our progress. Being grateful for their relentless effort each day is our prime responsibility. They encourage us to face our fears ,learn from our, instill confidence in us and make us aware of our strengths and weaknesses. While teachers celebrate our success and reward us for our accomplishments, they ensure that we maintain our determination and energy. Without them we wouldn’t be what we are today.

When we face failure, teachers are the ones who motivate us to not lose hope and work harder. They are the ones who teach us to keep trying again and again and emphasize the importance of hard work and perseverance. Without these essential skills, success at a later stage is impossible. They listen to our problems, fears and hopes and understand us more than anybody else. They have made some of the most ever lasting impact on our lives and sometimes even forfeit their family household chores, friends and hobbies to give us their time and ensure our well – being.

On this special occasion of teacher’s day it is the time for us to recognize their selfless efforts and thank them for the invaluable lessons they taught both in and out of the classroom. We must thank them for giving us the most accurate feedback on our progress and providing the comfortable environment where we could grow and develop our skills.

The sacrifices which are made by such noble professionals like teachers undoubtedly make students great citizens of the country and on this occasion, we must ensure that we are able to covey our respect and honour for the work which they perform so diligently of moulding us all to our best forms possible.

SpeedLabs wishes all the teachers a very happy teacher’s day!


Keep Shining !! 

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