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How Technology is Promptly Empowering Students in Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities?

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Our abilities and possibilities have multiplied and keep on growing daily. Learning has been transformed by EdTech companies that have transcended the boundaries of learning and helped us connect and come closer thereby, empowering students everywhere. In today’s globalized and modernized world, technology and devices have changed the way we function and think drastically. We are constantly surrounded by digital technology to such an extent that children in some societies learn how to use tablets before they learn how to speak.

Our world has become smaller and closer with the help of technology. Technology has now become an integral part of our everyday lives. New things can be learnt from anywhere and the orthodox practices of dedicating a special place to learning is being phased out rapidly. The impact of technology on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities has made the lives of students easier and efficient in numerous ways: 

How has Technology helped Empowering students in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities?

advent of technology in education and how it is empowering students all over.

New opportunities for students: Advanced technology in the form of e-learning bridged the educational gap for students in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities like Pune has allowed them to continue to learn, grow, and acquire knowledge in a hands-on and open environment. EdTech companies contributed towards empowering students by supplementing students’ learning and growth tremendously, giving them a platform to access top quality education accessible at any time of the day. 

Fueling global aspirations: Rise of technology has been one of the sole reasons why students not just in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi are eager to learn, but also, those in Pune and Jaipur who recognize technology to have the ability to to fuel their dreams and aspirations realize the possibilities are endless. Emerging startup EdTech companies have provided endless opportunities to empowering students by helping recognize their talents and capabilities to grow and succeed.

Scholarship opportunities: EdTech companies have started exploiting the benefits of technology to such an extent where they are able to provide opportunities to students in top tier 2 and 3 cities to apply for scholarships. Children with grit, determination, and dedication win the opportunity to continue to learn and grow because of the 100% merit scholarships and packages that technology has made available and possible.

Affordability and Flexibility: Online coaching provisions allow for flexibility in terms of time and space for students from smaller towns and villages who do not have access to transportation. Technology has made it possible for such students to attend lectures, clear their doubts, and receive top-quality education from the comfort of their homes.

Test for Aptitude and Engaging courses: EdTech companies leveraging technology to the fullest in the form of providing opportunities for empowering students to sign up and register themselves for courses, amplitude tests, and professional certified exams means that children in small villages and towns in India now have the opportunity to hone their skills in the pursuit of better job opportunities.

Technology has the ability to harness the true potential of students in not just metropolitan cities but also under-developed cities. With the rise of emerging and successful EdTech companies students can fuel their dreams and aspirations of learning as every child in the world can get access to education. How can we expect India to progress if we don’t encourage the use of educational platforms in Tier-3 cities where there is a lack of educational resources and facilities, to continue empowering students? 

A strong education system is the foundation that builds the pillars of Indian society by empowering students and indirectly empowering the nation and it’s future generations. Therefore, the importance of EdTech companies must be stressed out and given attention to.

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