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The Amalgamation of CBSE and AI – A Way Ahead of Education in India

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CBSE artificial intelligence

The internet and technology has evolved the way we all studied. In layman terms, traditional learning is no longer in the trend. As per a survey, 75% of the teachers in the United States believe printed books will entirely be replaced by digital learning tools.

Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in revolutionizing education in India and across the globe. If news reports are to be believed, CBSE is all set to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) course as an elective subject in Classes 8, 9 and 10 from the next academic session (Source: Times of India).

The idea behind this revolution is to make students well-versed in trending technologies and upgrade their technical know-how. The introduction of AI will be an one of the optional subjects on the vocational side according to the board.

AI and Machine Learning in Education

Following a student-driven approach towards education, AI boosts retention and encourages students to learn how to apply concepts to solve real life issues. This cannot be seen in traditional education, where students are only imparted bookish/theory knowledge. An AI-driven education approach offers complete conceptual help to students during their revision and practice phase, which is otherwise not possible in traditional learning environment due to infrastructure and human limitations.

This is what we do at SpeedLabs, every day. We’ve integrated AI into our practical labs, so students can learn while practicing. We believe there are multiple solutions to a problem – we denote this as non–linear learning. This form of education helps students gain the ability to think at both an individual and group-level. This type of learning, work on fine-tuning skills and touching upon academic, social and emotional aspects. In a nutshell, with our AI-based learning model, we aim to make students future-ready.


SpeedLabs’ AI Based Learning Model

  • We’ve integrated AI in our learning labs, where students can learn while practicing.
  • Our platform spots weak areas of users in real-time and suggests solutions in terms of relevant study material to help them strengthen their weaknesses.
  • Additionally, we offer students an AI-generated practice question sets depending on their strengths and weaknesses and whatever they’ve learnt till date.
  • We aim to provide a seamless, more user-friendly and comprehensive learning experience to students.


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