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If you are a JEE aspirant, you are already familiar with the world of organic chemistry. Many experts say organic chemistry is actually the toughest subject to learn. However, we say it is the easiest subject to master, and will reveal why in this article! If you see nightmares of atoms fighting each other and molecules dropping in acid, then it is time for you to brace your fears and learn simple ways to make organic chemistry fun so you can crack this subject.

A typical JEE entrance paper has sections on math, physics, chemistry and data interpretation. While math, physics and data interpretation rely mostly on your calculation skills, organic chemistry is a different ball game altogether because concepts matter more than calculation skills. Strangely, it is the most straightforward section in the paper, and if done correctly, it can easily help you ace your paper. So, if you are a JEE aspirant, continue to read on as we disclose five important tips to master organic chemistry.

  1. The Trick Is To Learn More, Mug Less

One of the most common mistakes students commonly make is trying to mug up organic chemistry. This subject works on logic – if you understand the concepts, solving any question will be fairly simple. So, rather than trying to remember all the reactions, compounds and names, try to learn the concept(s) behind them. Doing so will empower you to use concepts to answer questions that you haven’t even prepared for! At SpeedLabs, our seasoned team of qualified coaches always sees to it that each student masters the fundamentals before they move up each difficulty level – this helps our students reach excellence!

  1. It Is All In The Name

To understand organic compounds, the first step is to learn their names. Under organic chemistry, each compound is named based on certain properties it contains, which is also known as IUPAC nomenclature. When you first start to learn organic chemistry, you are introduced to a list of names for compounds – learn the more common ones, which are often repeated. Repeated practice of these names will help you remember them easily.

  1. Action On The Reactions

Reactions form more than half of the organic chemistry syllabus and are thus an integral part of most JEE questions. If you aspire to clear the chemistry section of JEE properly, you need to step up your knowledge of this area. Spend some time understanding the different kinds of reactions and how they interact with each other. More often than not, a question in JEE will involve overlap of one or more reactions in order to confuse you. Don’t bite the bait; use your knowledge of reactions to arrive at the correct answer!

  1. Focus On The Foundations

Most students tend to skip the initial introduction to organic chemistry and move to the more difficult portions straightaway. This is a mistake – the first few chapters introduce you to the basics of this subject and are important for building a solid foundation. Once your foundation in organic chemistry is strong, no question will seem too difficult.

  1. Read, Solve, Practice

The mantra to crack JEE is to read the questions properly, solve them and then practice doing this over and over again. It is precisely this belief system that guides our philosophy at SpeedLabs – practice questions are an essential part of our coaching methodology because it truly makes each student perfect! Practice will give you a better understanding of the problems you will encounter and improve your speed and accuracy. It is highly recommended to give mock tests regularly so get a better idea of the kind of questions you will encounter in the JEE exam.

We hope these five tips will help you learn organic chemistry easily. Do keep in mind that the most important thing to remember while you sit for your JEE exam is controlling your mind. If you ‘think’ that you will not be able to clear the exam then that is what will happen. Always ‘think’ that you are well prepared and will do well – this will instil confidence within you and help you attempt the paper in a better frame of mind.

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