Transformational reforms in higher education under NEP 2020

The new education policy will be the foundation of the new India. It will reshape the students into global citizens who are rooted in their values. The NEP 2020 focuses on invention-based, inquiry-based and analysis-based methods to help foster greater curiosity, interest and logical reasoning in the students’ minds.

The NEP has been released after six years of consideration and a steady review. There were no major changes in the education system over the past 34 years and hence only a rat race continued rather than applicative knowledge assessment. The approach of learning will now change from “what to think” to “how to think”.

In the context of higher education, guidelines to offer internship embedded degree programs have been launched. The rationale behind this is that when a fresher acquires a job, he ought to have a fair amount of experience of the application of the knowledge gained in the classroom to the real world. Not only does this give them exposure but also prepares them for what to expect in their field and increases their confidence in the workplace.

The policy has envisioned multidisciplinary degree programs for higher education with the flexibility to choose the combination of desired subjects. The aim is to provide a liberal education and enhance the personalized exploration of knowledge.

The gap between research and education will be reduced in India. Students’ academic results will improve and educational processes will ameliorate.


Speedlabs offers internship programs for school and college students which helps them get the real-world experience under their belt and onto their resume. It gives them a better understanding of how systems operate and enables them to gain the necessary skills. An internship embedded education is what the National Education Policy 2020 has planned to set in motion too.


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