Why One Should Participate in Quizzes!


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Assess Knowledge


Of course, E-Learning quizzes are meant to track, report, and evaluate learning progress and outcomes. A quiz placed at the end of a course acts as a graded assessment. Meanwhile, a mini-quiz at the end of every lesson aims to review key points prior to obtaining new information. In other words, mini-quizzes are used to ensure that learners successfully digested the information before moving onto the next section.

Motivate Learners

E-Learning quizzes can motivate learners to stay focused and keep moving forward. You can challenge learner perceptions to stir up their interest by asking a question that they’re likely to be wrong.

Engage Learners

Motivation is the “why” or reason we learn. Engagement, on the other hand, is typically the “what”. You want learners to become involved in learning. Then, think of quizzes – they really drive engagement by making learners interact with the content. Doing a quiz, a learner has to think, dig deep, and ultimately become an active participant.

This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. A feeling of engagement emerges when your quizzes are relevant and relatable. The quiz should be relevant to the learner and relate to their own interests and life. So, you’d better make use of storytelling and scenarios to mimic real-world problems, thus letting learners see the applications and benefits of the content

 Improve Knowledge Retention and Transfer

As a learning strategy, frequent no- or low-stakes quizzes help cement long-term learning. Why? Because these quizzes require you to bring previously acquired information to mind. By retrieving information, you organize it and create cues and connections. Repeated over time, information that is often retrieved becomes more retrievable in the future. That’s why quizzes give you plenty of room for knowledge retention. Practice makes perfect.


Earn Money

Last but not the least We can’t ignore the fact that We can earn Cash Prizes by being at the comfort of our home along with all the learning.


SpeedLabs Online Quiz Information.



7th Nov Non Curriculum 4:30 pm -5:30 pm Grade 7,8
7th Nov Non Curriculum 5:45 pm -6:45pm Grade 9
7th Nov Curriculum 7:15 pm -8:15 pm Grade 9,10
8th Nov Curriculum 7 p.m Grade 10
8th Nov Curriculum 5:30 p.m Grade 10
11th Nov Non Curriculum 7 p.m Grade 7,8,9
11th Nov Curriculum 5:30 p.m Grade 10
12th Nov Non Curriculum 7 p.m Grade 7,8,9
12th Nov Curriculum 5:30 p.m Grade 10





7th Nov 2020 to 15th Nov 2020


Cash Prize:


Winner:  5000/-

1st Runner Up:  3000/-

2nd Runner Up:  2000/-



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