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World’s Greatest Strangest Unsolved Mysteries

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World's Greatest Strangest Unsolved Mysteries

A good mystery is something that everyone enjoys. But, what about those good mysteries that don’t have that satisfying resolution like Scooby-Doo removing the villain’s mask and are just plain creepy?


For the greater part of a century, these incidents have rocked our history books. These are all perplexing, bizarre, creepy, and frustratingly unsolvable cases.


When you read this list of the strangest mysteries of our time, the hair on the back of your neck will rise.


  1. Lawrence Joseph Bader’s strange disappearance and “reappearance.”

Lawrence Joseph Bader, a cookware salesperson, suffered a succession of financial issues in 1957. After going fishing near his house in Akron, Ohio, he vanished. After a storm, his boat was found to be wrecked.


John “Fritz” Johnson showed up in Omaha four days later. Nebraska. Fritz had a huge personality and had become a local celebrity — he was not trying to keep a low profile by any means.


When Fritz was in Chicago in 1965, someone from Akron recognised him and even brought Bader’s niece to help him identify him. Fritz was confronted with his identity, which he rejected and even found amusing.


Fritz’s fingerprints matched Larry Bader’s, but he claimed he had no recollection of ever having lived in Akron. Psychiatrists investigated him and found no evidence that he was lying. He died in 1966, and no one ever found out the truth.


  1. The toxic patient

Gloria Ramirez was brought to a California emergency room in February 1994, suffering from severe cervical cancer. She was reported as being quite bewildered and had an oily sheen covering her body when she arrived at the hospital at 8.15 p.m.


Medical personnel were unwell and fainted minutes after treating her. After 45 minutes of CPR and defibrillation, Ramirez was pronounced dead, and 23 people became ill, five of whom were hospitalised — one medical resident spent two weeks in an intensive care unit.


The county health authorities said that hospital employees were suffering from mass hysteria, although several of the affected employees disagree.


  1. The Oakville Blobs.

In Oakville, Washington, there were six rainstorms in 1994. It rained gelatinous blobs that residents characterized as jelly-like, rather than water. Even stranger, after coming into contact with the material, many citizens developed flu-like symptoms, and dogs throughout the city died.


When testing was done on the mysterious “rain,” it was discovered that it contained human white blood cells, but no one knows how or why this happened.


  1. The missing Flannan Isles lighthouse keepers.

Three lighthouse keepers arrived on 7 December 1900 for a two-week duty on the Flannan Isles. The lighthouse was closed and they were gone when the boat arrived to pick them up after their shift. Their bodies were nowhere to be found, but the clock had stopped, their waterproof gear was inside, and supper was waiting to be consumed. Their remains were never discovered.


  1. Zimbabwe’s alleged alien invasion.

62 elementary school-aged students in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, were on recess in 1994 when they noticed four silver crafts at the playground’s edge. They discovered a small monster dressed in a tight black suit with large eyes “like rugby balls” when they went to investigate.


Some of the kids claimed the creature talked with them telepathically, and although some were terrified, others were ecstatic. Their teachers did not believe their stories, but they all went home and informed their parents about it. When the youngsters were asked to draw what they had observed separately, all of their paintings were identical.


  1. When was Jesus born?

While many Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus on December 25, it is unlikely that he was born on that day. Possibly, the date was picked because it is near Saturnalia, a Roman holiday honouring the deity Saturn. The oldest evidence of Jesus’ birth date being December 25 is from the fourth century, more than 300 years after his birth.


According to ancient sources, early Christians were never able to agree on a date for Jesus’ birth, and many Orthodox Christians still commemorate Jesus’ birthday on January 6 or 7.

In the end, it is unlikely that the actual year of Jesus’ birth will ever be discovered – academics largely believe that it was sometime around 4 B.C.


  1. The Circle Stone and The Sea Of Galilee

According to CNN, scientists were seeking something else when they discovered a massive circular structure 30 feet underwater in the Sea of Galilee. The basaltic building appears to have been erected on the land of several enormous stones before being buried, and it could be anywhere between 2,000 and 12,000 years old, although its purpose remains unknown.


It is impossible to study it while it’s submerged, and it’s much more difficult to get the cash required to bring such a massive building out without causing damage.

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