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CBSE offers a robust curriculum to learn the fundamentals right from the junior classes. Students need profound training and study materials which help them to score well in their examination and simplify all their concepts. The concepts presented in these classes serve as the building blocks for class IX and X. Students study English and Hindi as Languages, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Social Studies (History, Civics and Geography) as core subjects.


  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

What’s available

Concept Notes
Sample Papers
Video Solutions
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Personalized JEE / NEET / NTSE Preparation

SpeedLabs is built for every student to help them score good marks in JEE / NEET / NTSE exams with AI driven Practice-Based Personalized Learning.

Enhanced Practice Environment

  • Knowledge based questions
  • Revise concepts and try again
  • Solutions on your second attempt
  • Ask for tutor help
  • Segments important questions and concepts for quick revision

“Speedlabs made learning a very enjoyable process and have a new approach to teaching which is very effective.”

Ritwick Jha, 11 Non-Medical

Track Your Progress

  • Acuracy based on questions attempted and concepts
  • Identifying conceptual gaps
  • Detailed report with time tracking on each attempted question
  • Compares every question globally (accuracy & time)

“The unique user interface combined with one to one mentor program has boost up score. SpeedLabs has allow me to ensure my confidence and academic performance exceeds all expectations.”

Arjun Chaudhuri, JEE 2019, Aspirant

Personalised Improvement Plan (PIP)

  • Important questions marked for later revision
  • Weekly revision plan to work on week concepts
  • Iteative learning process
  • AI based Weekly Home Assignment

“Always has a problem of mugging up concepts and theories. SpeedLabs summarises the theories and concepts in real world examples and mnemonics. This makes an exam a quick work and constant test”

Aryan Verma, JEE 2020, Aspirant

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