1What is Speedlabs?

SpeedLabs is a one-stop solution to provide personalized attention to students who are preparing for competitive exams. SpeedLabs is founded by IITians with a vision to improve the performance of each and every student. Our solution is designed to provide most effective face-to-face personal guidance with the help of technology-enabled platform so that each student can practice on his/her pace. Speedlabs offers a comprehensive Practice platform which covers each and every concept. It also identifies the weak areas of each and every student; and provides immediate help from the expert faculty.

Our aim is to help each and every student achieve his/her best potential. Most of the current formats have a biased focus in favour of only top students in the class. Most tutorials give extra attention to the toppers so that when these students perform good, they can use the performance in their marketing and advertisements. But the majority of the students in current formats don’t receive any significant personal attention.

2 How does it work?

We have physical labs where the students come 2-3 days a week as per their convenience. They practice on their choice of chapters and remove their gaps by discussions with expert faculty who helps each and every student equally. Our platform has combined three main aspects of self-study. Each question is linked to the appropriate steps involved in that particular question.

After each session, a student fixes his 8-12 gaps in one chapter. This continuous process over the year enhances the understanding and ability to solve more questions in the final exams.

3Who Is It Meant For?

Our solution is like a score booster. Each and every student can get benefit by going through this program. But naturally, the incremental benefit to someone who is already in top 1-2% students in the class will be less; while benefit to all other students will be far greater.

4 Why should a student go to two different places?

It is a very competitive environment, and each student wants to deliver his best performance. In current format of school education or most of the coachings, majority of the students don’t receive any kind of extra personal attention.

Students have their conceptual gaps after classroom study or during their practice at home. We are not repeating theory teaching. We are fixing his conceptual doubts when he is doing practice at our center; and helping him complete his understanding on that topic more effectively.

5 How will it benefit my child?

Your child will get benefitted in multiple ways.

  • He will get regular weekly basis personal attention; and tutor access where he can freely have conceptual discussion.
  • He will go through very efficient practice program.
  • Our solution is extremely effective in the delivery because the teachers are like physically present through Live classes
  • Our environment is designed in a way that there is ZERO distraction. We don’t recommend use of mobile phones while student is practicing.
  • Most importantly, when a student’s score starts improving it also results into higher motivation and confidence levels which pushes him to work even more harder.
6 What classes does Speedlabs cater to?

We cater to students between class 7th – 12th and NTSE / IITJEE / AIPMT test prep.