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ICSE Board

Class VIII   

Sample Paper – 1

Time: 2 hrs.                                                                                                                                       Total Marks: 75


General Instructions:

  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. Questions 1 to 15 carry 1 mark each.
  3. Questions in 2A and 2B carry 1 mark each.
  4. Questions in 3A and 3B carry 1 mark each.
  5. Question 4A and 4B carry 5 marks each.
  6. Question 5A and 5B carry 5 marks each. 
  7. Question 6A and 6B carry 5 marks each. 
  8. Question 7A and 7B carry 5 marks each. 

Question 1

  1. Where an electric charge does flows?
    • Both conductors and insulators
    • Insulators
    • Conductors
    • Neither conductors nor insulators
  1. When a positively charged body is brought close to another positively charged body, it will show:
    • Attraction
    • Repulsion
    • No effect
    • None of these
  1. Rapid conversion of water into steam is an example of:
    • Evaporation
    • Freezing
    • Melting
    • Vaporization
  1. Inter molecular space is maximum in
    • Liquids
    • Solids
    • Gases
    • None of the above
  1. A piece of wood floats on water. The buoyant force on wood will be
    • Zero
    • More than the weight of the wood piece
    • Equal to the weight of the wood piece
    • Less than the weight of the wood piece
  1. The weight of a body is more than the buoyant force experienced by it, due to a liquid. The body will
    • Sink
    • Float with its some part outside of liquid
    • Float just below the surface of liquid
    • Float with whole of its volume above the surface of liquid.
  1. Pressure inside liquid increases with
    • Increase in depth
    • Decrease in depth
    • Decrease in density
    • None of the above
  1. Nose bleeding may occur at a high altitude because
    • The atmospheric pressure decreases
    • The oxygen content of atmosphere decreases
    • The atmospheric pressure increases
    • There is strong air current at the high altitude
  1. A body lifts luggage from height 2m to 4m. The potential energy will become
    • Half
    • Double
    • One-third
    • One-fourth
  1. Two coolies A and B do some work in time 1 minute and 2 minutes respectively. The power spent is
    • Same by both collies
    • Is more by coolie A than by B
    • Is less by coolie A than by B
    • Nothing can be said
  1. When light is dispersed by a prism, the colour least dispersed is
    • Violet
    • Indigo
    • Yellow
    • Red

12.  When does the speed of light is maximum?

    • Air
    • Water
    • Glass
    • Vacuum
  1. The direction of magnetic lines of force due to a current carrying straight conductor when the electric current flows upwards is
    • Clockwise
    • Anticlockwise
    • Upwards
    • Downwards
  1. Which of these is not obtained from petroleum?
    • Diesel
    • CNG
    • Biogas
    • Kerosene
  1. Small insects like water striders can walk on water due to
    • Surface tension
    • Strong feet
    • Elastic tension
    • Attraction between feet and water

Question 2

(A) Match the columns and rewrite them correctly.                                            [5]



Column A


Column B


Velocity of light


Boiling point


Similar nature of charges


Increase in intermolecular separation


Increase in pressure increases




Thermal expansion




Latent heat of fusion of ice


336000 J/gm






3×108 m/s

(B) Fill up the blanks and rewrite the sentences:                                                [5]

  1. The force of attraction between molecules of the same substance is called……
  2. The pressure exerted by a solid is directly proportional to its ………   and inversely proportional to it…………
  3. A longer rod expands ………. than a shorter rod on being heated to the same temperature.
  4. Smaller the membrane …… is the pitch.
  5. When a ray of light travels from water to air, it bends ……. the normal.

Question 3

(A) Check whether the following statements are true or false.                        [5]

  1. In an electric motor, mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.
  2. Earth is the largest planet of the solar system. 
  3. Rays of light incident parallel to the principal axis pass through the focus after reflection from a concave mirror.
  4. The pitch of sound depends on frequency.
  5. Work done by a body depends on the time in which he does work.

(B) Give the reasons for the following.                                                                         [5]

  1. A piece of tile or stone feels colder than a piece of wood, even though both are at the same temperature. 
  2. A comb rubbed on dry hair attracts small bits of paper.
  3. Dispersion of light occurs when it passes through a prism. 
  4. A normal atom is electrically neutral though it contains charged particles like electrons and protons.
  5. An ice-cube is used for cooling a drink. 

Question 4

(A) Explain the following terms:                                                                            [5]

  1. Work
  2. Power
  3. Charge
  4. Wavelength
  5. Amplitude


  1. Obtain relationship between the time period and frequency. [3]
  2. Give three observations in our daily life where the principle of evaporation produces cooling. [2]

Question 5

(A) Source of potential difference V volts sends current I ampere in a circuit for time t second. Write expression for

  1. Electrical energy supplied by the source. [3]
  2. Electric power spent the source. [2]


  1. What is heat? State three factors on which the amount of heat gained or lost by a body depends. [3]
  2. State the law of floatation. Why does ice float on the surface of water? [2]

Question 6


(a) Write the difference between [3]

  1. Reflection and refraction of light.
  2. Solids and liquids

(b) Give two consequences of high latent heat of [2]

Question 7


  1. Describe an experiment to show that a light ray bends when it passes from one transparent medium into another transparent medium. [3]
  2. Name the three states of matter and distinguish them on the basis of their (i) volume and (ii) shape. [2]


  1. How do you charge a body by induction? Explain with the help of an [3]
  2. Give the reason for the increase in rate of evaporation of a liquid when surface area of liquid is increased. [2]



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