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Hybrid Learning (Offline + Online)

Adaptive Practice complements the lecture by allowing students to practice at their own pace to improve gradually


Short Notes, AI Based Important Question Bank, Important Concepts. Short Concept Video

Adaptive Practice

Knowledge based questions for CBSE, ICSE, SSC, NTSE, JEE and NEET exam, revise concepts and try again, solutions on 2nd attempt for instant clarifications of doubts, Segments Important questions and concepts for quick revision of doubts. Different questions for different students based upon their understanding and capabilities  

Analytics Report 

Accuracy based on questions attempted and concepts, identifying conceptual gaps, detailed report with time tracking on each attempted question, and comparison of every question done globally

Test and Improvement

Customized test available, instant report after test, detailed solution of each and every question after test, comparison of each question done globally

Marketing Support 

Videos, WhatsApp Messages, URL, Website designing, White Labelling to be done by our team.

Why it's important to transition to hybrid model 

Practice | Analyze | Improve 

Online adaptive practice at student’s learning pace, along with analysis and improvement plan can boost results significantly

Continuous R&D with 40+ Team 

A team of subject matter experts, school faculty, IITians in a continuous effort to research about new types of questions.

Most Effective Analytics

After every practice session, the reports capture and analyze the learning level from multiple aspects so that a personalized improvement plan can be curated for each student.

speedlab build dream

Value Proposition


Directors get weekly academic audit and action plans to discuss with faculty, having full access to the class and subject progress.

Coaching centers
Coaching centers

Coaching Centers get recognition as tech progressive centers, finding ways to capitalize on latest innovations in edtech. 


Students get cost effective edtech products. Also, they are engaged in new ways to learn as per their learning behaviour.


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