JEE Advanced

JEE Advanced Information, Exam Pattern and Preparation Tips

JEE Advanced Exam Pattern

JEE Advanced is a highly unpredictable exam. The paper pattern varies every year with a different marking scheme

JEE Advanced usually consists of two papers of 3 hours each.

Here are the types of questions asked in JEE Advanced over the years:
  • Single correct MCQs
  • Multiple correct MCQs
  • Integer answer questions
  • Passage comprehension
  • Matrix match

JEE Advanced Preparation Tips

JEE Advanced is a highly unpredictable exam. Here are few tips that the successful candidates have adopted over the years. And what more, this is coming directly from Speedlabs team which is full of folks from IITs

You will find most of the below tips covered once you start using our highly personalised practice platform for iit jee preparation

  • Organise your time
  • Fulfil targets on a daily basis
  • Solve sample papers
  • Clarify concepts
  • Discuss with your peers
  • Clarify Doubts
  • Practice, practice and practice
  • Take Mock tests regularly
  • Keep taking breaks