SpeedLabs Methodology

SpeedLabs Teaching Methodology

Tech Assisted Practice

Tech. Assisted Practice

  • Students practice on edtech platform which is supervised under the guidance of expert faculty.
  • The faculty assists and provide a personal help for any confusion or query
  • AI algos identify the next level improvement areas for each student
  • Organized study plan and learning map for each student
  • Practice is key to success
Expert Guidance

Personalized Insight

  • Small Groups (10-12 students) & Interactive lectures
  • Accurate tracking of student’s practice level, speed, accuracy and syllabus coverage
  • Focus on Individual strong & weak areas
  • Practice sessions provide holistic preparation
  • Feedback loop based on practice sessions with personalized insights and feedback
Personalized insights

Expert Guidance

  • Faculty mentor and guide each student for individual study plan
  • Higher motivation for students
  • Continuous mentoring for a long journey in preparation
  • Our Faculty eliminate all doubts immediately so that students’ thinking process is improved
  • Detailed analysis and effective learning along with encouragement and ideal support from teachers
Structured Revision Test Schedule

Structured Revision & Test Schedule

  • Step by step revision methods
  • Emphasis on weak areas
  • Special sessions to strengthen command over a specific topic
  • Scientific and tech assisted approach
  • Comprehensive test schedules
  • Regular Test schedule to determine improvement in performance