It always feels great to hear from our students. We are glad that we have been a part of their journey to success

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Mr. Prashant Sikarwar Class 10 CBSE
There are multiple factors if a student wants to crack JEE in your approach need to be different from rest 98% of students and this need lot of structured guidance from an experienced
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Mr. Swapnil Sinha JEE Mains Student
Regular practice sessions helped a lot in improving my concept coverage, and accuracy. I am able to solve more questions and avoid silly mistakes. Now I feel better prepared to take the JEE Mains.
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Mr. Sidharth Class 12 CBSE
The topic and question coverage is quite exhaustive. I regularly practice once a topic has been covered in school. I also utilize this time to clarify any doubts that I have.
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Mr. Arjun IGCSE
Its exciting to have one-to-one discussions on anything I don’t understand. The way SpeedLabs explain the concepts sounds very intuitive and easy to remember. Helps me remember things much better than simply mugging up.
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Miss. Shrey Doda,
I, Shrey Doda, a student of Speedlabs, would like to express my deepest gratitude towards the faculty and admin team at speedlabs for having me guided through my class 10. My journey with speedlabs 2 years ago. From then on they have supported me constantly and helped face any battle which arose during my studies. They provided me with an atmosphere which truly made learning fun and interesting. They gave me personalised attention and solved my every doubt with explanation which was easy to remember. Instead of plain spoon feeding they focused mainly on how to make me understand important concepts and learn them instead of just mugging them up. Their website gave me access to unlimited practice, revision notes, assignments and various other documents any time any where. The website also tracked my progress through different practise sessions and gave me detailed information regarding my weak points and how to improve them chapter wise. It allowed me to practice, revise, and solve my doubts by seeing the full solution on a regular basis. Speedlabs has provided one of my best experiences during my school time and has allowed me to overcome every challenge and exceed expectations.