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2019 CBSE Board: Top 10 Tips to Prepare for Class 10 Math and Science

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Top 10 Tips to Prepare for Class 10 Math and Science

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to host the class 10 board exams 2019 scheduled to begin from February. Candidates are all at their last-minute stress. There are less time and a lot left for the final preparation. Of all the subjects, the most traditionally tougher subjects have always been class 10 Mathematics and Science. To some, after CBSE class 10 board exam, there is no planning to study these subjects in the future. While for others, CBSE class 10 Science and Maths are just the baseline for the career. Whichever area you chose to study in the upcoming years, you indeed cannot escape CBSE class 10 Math and Science for the board examinations. Here we have compiled top 10 tips to prepare for CBSE class 10 mathematics and science to score better marks in the board exam 2019.

10 Tips for CBSE class 10 Math

  1. Never attempt to by-hard any concept of class 10 mathematics.
  2. Try to understand the definitions of each topic carefully before you begin to analyse the formulae.
  3. Mark the formulae that you find challenging to derive and revise them again and again.
  4. Prepare a chart that includes the formulae of all the chapters and take a look at it in your free time.
  5. Follow the timetable that you have prepared devotedly.
  6. Slot at least 2 hours every day to practice the CBSE class 10 mathematical problems.
  7. Take frequent tests to have a clearer understanding of the subject.
  8. Look for new questions on the similar context at various test series.
  9. Practise CBSE class 10 Sample Papers which are available online at the board’s official website.
  10. Refer at least five years of CBSE class 10 past year question papers of Maths.

10 Tips for CBSE class 10 Science

  1. Get a grip on the fundamental concepts of the subject.
  2. Know the weight of each of the sections in Science to score higher marks in CBSE board exam 2019.
  3. For Chemistry, study the name reactions, make charts of formulae along with names and revise them whenever you can.
  4. Practise the organic reactions to have a precise idea of the subject.
  5. Make flash cards with definitions of new terms that you learn each day or write it down to a notebook.
  6. Physics contains a lot of numerical questions. Revisit them and commit important terms to your memory.
  7. In Science, Physics has a lot of questions based on theorem and direct formulae which can be only memorized when you revise them thoroughly.
  8. Of the different sections, Biology includes a lot of diagrams. So, give special attention to it.
  9. Make sure that essential terms and their respective functions are remembered.
  10. Practise, practise and practise with sample papers, model test papers and class 10 previous year papers.

The above preparation tips are completely handy, and if you follow them devotedly, no one can stop you from outshining in the CBSE board exam. Enjoy what you learn, be curious, make notes, practise regularly, work hard and chillax!

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