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Active learning on Adaptive Practice Platform combined with analytics delivers better learning and Improved results

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Hybrid Learning (Offline + Online)

Adaptive Practice complements the lecture by allowing students to practice at their own pace to improve gradually

Adaptive Practice

Knowledge based questions for CBSE, ICSE, SSC, NTSE, JEE and NEET exam, quick revision and re-evaluation, conceptual hints along with detailed solutions after every problem. Customized learning based on student’s understanding

Personalised Feedback

Accuracy based on questions attempted and concepts, identifying conceptual gaps, detailed report with time tracking on each attempted question with peer to peer benchmarking 

E Mentor

Daily recommendations on videos, practice and revision drive by our AI based algorithms 

Test and Improvement

Customized test available, instant report after test, detailed solution of each and every question after test, comparison of each question done globally

Doubt App

Ask any doubt and get a solution within 24 hours from our experienced subject matter experts 

Practice beats talent when talent doesn’t practice

Online adaptive practice at student’s learning pace, along with analysis and improvement plan can boost results significantly

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Value Proposition

  • AI powered concept delivery
  • Customized assessments
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Constant tracking of learning and assessments.
  • Exam-friendly practice
  • Exam paper discussions
  • Personal attention to every student.
  • Immediate doubt solving
  • Interactive and interesting lectures
  • Constant support and motivation
  • 24/7 availability of mentors.
  • Regular practice and revision

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