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6 Super Tips to Score 90% Marks in CBSE Board Exams 2019

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10 Best Tips to Score 90% marks in CBSE Board Exam

During any board exam students are generally under massive pressure – the stress to attend all questions correctly, the tension to solve the entire paper in given time frame and pressure to score excellent marks in the exam.

At this point of time students must be busy with their revision and practice to attempt the paper correctly. Everyone must be trying to finish the entire CBSE board exam syllabus in the limited time they have in hand to write the paper perfectly and score high marks.

In this article we bring you the tips as suggested by the experienced CBSE teachers and board exam toppers. These tips will surely help our students to grab more than 90 percent marks in their exams.

In this article SpeedLabs, academic experts bring top 10 most effective tips for CBSE board exam preparation to help students score 90% marks in the final test. Read on to know more.

Effective Tips for 90% marks in CBSE Board Exam

  1. Choose the right start time – While each student is different and the period during which they should begin their preparation is also different, it is recommended to start the preparation beforehand. It will be beneficial if you start the preparation in advance; you will get ample amount of time for revision and practice, which will enhance your chances of scoring 90%
  2. Sufficient time for self study – Every student must devote completely to self studies so as to analyse and practice the read in school or coaching class. You must spare enough time so that you are able to achieve some prefixed study targets.
  3. Acquire the best study habits – The way to prepare for any exam and get success is by creating a clear and comprehensive study plan. You should be punctual and disciplined; you should be able to balance the academic and personal life without allowing pressure to rule your body and mind.
  4. Create a proper timetable – You should plan your study very well. Without proper planning clearing any exam gets difficult. Therefore, to make an effective preparation for the coming CBSE board exams, every student must prepare a proper study time table first and then make a habit to stick to the same.
  5. Create a strategy for studying long answers – While studying long answers it is quite natural to get panic attack and tension. So, to fight against the fear of studying long answers students must prepare a strategy for long answers, like breaking them into paragraphs, writing them on paper and relating them to the real life situations so as to retain them in brain for long time.
  6. Solve CBSE Sample Papers – Solving paper helps you get familiar with the exam paper pattern. It also helps you improve your problem solving speed and accuracy. It is typically the right way to start your revision and practice. Solving sample papers help you know your preparation level and gauge your strengths and weaknesses.


Follow the above tips to score excellent marks in the final exam. All the best for your upcoming exam.

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