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7 IIT JEE tips on how to give your best shot and get success in the finals

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IIT JEE Tips for the exam

It’s almost the day to face one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in the country. But as important as it is to clear JEE test with excellent marks, it is even more important to keep yourself relaxed and in control. Do not lose your cool or take unnecessary stress. And remember not clearing the exam with desired score or not getting into IIT is not the end of the world.

In this article we bring you sever best IIT JEE Tips to put forth your best ahead and get the desired outcome in the form of JEE results. SpeedLabs is a revolutionary study platform for JEE candidates that allows them to learn as they practice.

Read on for the JEE tips and tricks.

Complete Last Minute JEE Tips

  • Revisit your preparation – You’ve most likely been preparing for months just to crack JEE. Now is not the time to take up new books and start with a new concept. Instead, you should go back and revise whatever you have already studied – key concepts, formulae, theorems to keep it fresh in your mind.
  • Eat healthy, stay happy and hydrated – We know how tempting it is to eat junk foods or oily fried items. But a month before the exam you should quit all of these food. You should completely take in healthy diet – fresh fruit, salads, home cooked meals and nuts. You should take minimum 8 hours of sleep at night and drink 8 glasses of water i.e. 4 litres of water to keep your body hydrated. As it is summer, you should also drink fresh fruit juices.
  • Trust your strategies – Cracking IIT JEE is all about following a proper study plan and successful time management. You should have a proper strategy in place to overcome your weaknesses before the final exam.
  • Exercise, meditation and study breaks – At this point, you should try to keep yourself as relaxed as possible and eat healthy meals. This can be done by taking sufficient and time to time break from studies and go out for a walk in fresh air. You should utilize your break time by listening to your favorite music, chatting with friends or family, going for a walk or just sleeping for few hours – anything that makes you happy and comfortable. Also try out meditation to keep your mind and body calm.


  • Stay relaxed and chilled – On the exam day make sure you have packed your exam essentials a day in advance. You bag must have a set of ball pens, pencil, eraser, wrist watch, water bottle, hall/admit card, and other essential stationery. Ensure you eat light breakfast. Avoid discussing with friends or classmates outside exam hall. Go through the question paper properly before start attempting the paper.



  • Have a backup option in mind –  While you are mentally prepared to get into IIT, you should also have a backup plan in your mind. There is always a chance that despite your hard preparation you may not achieve the desired marks to get into IIT. In that case it is important to be ready with another plan. And remember it is not the end of the world. Besides IIT there are several other good engineering colleges in India, where you can still pursue top quality education and your desired course.


Cool and composed mind is necessary to win any battle. Just take 5 mins to read the entire JEE question paper before you starting solving the paper. This will help you solve it correctly and you may not miss out on any important and scoring questions. Read all of the above main and important JEE tips and do well in the final exams.

Stay chilled and all the best!

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