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7 Qualities of IIT JEE Toppers You Must Inculcate

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7 Qualities of IIT JEE Toppers You Must Inculcate

When you appear for one of the toughest entrance exams in the country stress and anxiety is bound to happen. Candidates should put in their best to score well in the final exam, which certainly may affect your mind and body.

In the quest to achieve great scores in IIT JEE, candidates often look upto to the All India Rankers to get some great tips and strategies. Understanding this, we bring you top 7 traits of these IIT JEE toppers that you definitely adopt to prepare in the right way for the entrance test. Read on to know more.

Which qualities of JEE Rankers should I embrace?

What do toppers do differently that sets their score apart from other average students? In the below article we will check those traits.


  • Get started beforehand – Start your preparation beforehand. If you start early you will achieve great results. You should start to prepare for IIT JEE minimum a year before the examination. Preparing beforehand is mandatory for good score in the final exam.



  • Self discipline is the key –  You are mature enough to know your good and bad. You should be self disciplined. You should know one day before which topic or subject you are going to study tomorrow.



  • Evaluate your preparation – You should test your preparation regularly to be thorough with the concepts and topics you study. It is only through regular practice and revision you will achieve success.



  • Time Management is necessary – While it is important to maintain a study schedule of 12 to 14 hours a day, you should also give importance to the quality of your study you are doing every day.



  • Daily revision is a must – Revision should be regular to achieve good score. Students tend to forget concepts and topics because they don’t use it in everyday life. One of the best ways to stay updated with what you’ve already studied is through regular revision.



  • Practice using online mock test – You should solve 3-4 mock papers or previous year questions papers each day. Solving papers improves your problem solving speed and accuracy.



  • Do not memorize – Understand more, memorize less. It is aptly said that there are shortcuts to success.



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