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8 Types of Teachers That Make Our Life Amazing

by admin

The Cool Guy – They are usually, the humorous ones, having them around is like having a best friend

The Persistent One – They will not stop until they have completed their topic, time no bar


The Old Man – They are calm, composed and experienced, have a lot of wisdom to impart, but due to their weak voice we can’t understand a thing


The Philosopher – They know a lot about life, they will give rhetorical questions that will keep us thinking for days



The Accent Teacher: Teachers who have an accent, now that accent can be something we fancy or something that makes us laugh!



The Terror – We hate going to their class, but we have no choice



The Counsellor – They don’t believe they are teachers; they are parents-like, their only agenda is to bring out the best in us



The Storyteller – They always have something to share about their lives, it sometimes takes up the whole-class hour


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