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How AI And Technology In 2021 Will Impact The Future Of Education?

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ai and technology and their impact on education

Long gone are those days where learning was only limited to textbooks, classrooms and lectures. The new virtual and tech reality enabled by AI and technology has been a game changer for the education industry. Today from the swipe or touch of your hand, students get access to e-learning apps, EdTech video lectures, past paper solutions explained, games and quizzes that make learning fun. 

AI and technology are responsible for this revolution and this booming domain is said to be the future for many reasons.

AI and Technology And their Role in Educational Reform

Changing the norms of traditional education

AI and technology are aiming to change the traditional and rigid mindset of formal institutions in India. Indian education systems for a long time have been reluctant to change due to conservative learning approaches implemented which have been resistant to change since a long time. However, seeing the potential of AI and the wave of technological revolutions schools have been keen to provide more hands-on experiences to their students and maximize the benefits of AI and technology. 

Transforming learning as a personalized experience

Each child is unique and has their own individuality. Traditional learning assumes that students are clones of one another and hence with this assumption operates at a standardized pace and negates an individual’s capabilities and abilities that are often not at power with each other. However, AI takes accountability for the differences in a child’s learning and therefore with the help of online e-learning platforms provides educators, assistants, and a curriculum designed to meet the specific and individualistic needs of each student. It is tailor made to their abilities and requirements. 

Opportunity to save time and effort

AI and technology provide not just students but also teachers the ability to conserve their time, effort and money by using software that makes grading, note-taking, and checking plagiarism easier. They allow teachers to save time by reducing the need for bureaucratic paperwork and emphasize on the use of technology that makes life easier. AI software like managebac, turn it in, canvas, all work to manage projects, logistic issues, provide feedback to students, keep a track of a students progress, schedule meetings with parents and keep a track of attendance and grade.

Limitless learning

The best part about AI and technology is that they diminish the boundaries of learning and emphasize on the importance of continued and efficient learning without any restrictions and limitations. Students who cannot attend physical school for instance have an opportunity to continue learning by online courses, video lectures, educators on EdTech companies and take advantage of personalized learning through AI. No matter where the students are in the world, they are able to fuel their educational dreams and aspirations by the touch of a button because AI connects them to their desired tutor.

Tailor-made courses and customized textbooks

AI can be used from not just a support perspective where students are supported through lectures, and tasks but allows instructors to design and create their own course based on an individual child’s requirements. Some courses for instance enable students to understand and spot their areas of weaknesses as they indicate areas where students falter when attending lessons. Teachers also simultaneously benefit from these as they can prepare and design their lectures on those topics where students are struggling through the AI notifications they receive based on the students performance.

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