Benefits of doing internship early in life

Internships plays a very vital role in once career, here mentioning few points as why one should start it early in career.

Attain priceless work experience

Nowadays, it is rare that a university graduate can land an entry-level job without any prior work experience. With the help of internships, students can get this real-world experience while still in school. Internship programmes are a great way to give you real accomplishment stories for your resume and online profiles.

In addition, you will be able to develop and build upon some of your existing skills. Having a good set of skills will help you in future employment opportunities and give you an edge over your competition

Determine if this path is the right one for you

In order to potentially avoid the cost of obtaining a degree you’re not interested in, working for a company in a related field will give you valuable insight into whether or not it is the right choice for you. It’s best to know as early as possible, and an internship can help you do that.

Internship experiences provide a valuable opportunity to showcase your skills and work ethics, and to prove your worth to a prospective employer. In the future, when a job opening occurs, you’ll probably be on the list of top candidates if you’ve impressed them. This is one great benefit of internships.

Experience the world of work

The first time you will probably ever experience the day-to-day work life in your field will be through your first internship. When you intern at a company, you’ll gain first-hand experience on what it’s like to work in an office, interact with supervisors and co-workers, and handle customers and clients. This helps ground you in a sense of reality.

Develop your communication skills

In the same study by Millennial Branding when employers were asked what skills they were looking for when hiring, the top answer, with a percentage of 98%, was communication skills. An internship teaches you how to communicate not only on issues related to work, but also on a social basis.



National Students Internship Program (SpeedLabs NISP 2020) by SpeedLabs is the first of its kind internship initiative that trains students for building a professional attitude and understanding to work on real-world problems. SpeedLabs has a Vision that “Personalized education is the bridge between dreams and Capailities”.This Internships training programme is developed by our renowned Senior Professionals and IITians Faculties by taking into account the long term success pillars students will need in shaping their mind and development of their personalities. The purpose is to use the next 2 weeks more constructively with the help of parents and elder siblings to complete the internship project.

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