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Best Methods To Revise Effectively For Exams

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Students often apply different methods for revision. Many, face the dilemma of choosing the best methods to enable effective revision. 

If you often find yourself wondering how to revise for all your exams in a week, then keep reading for our top revision tips.


  • Don’t start the revision at the eleventh hour- Start revising the concepts daily. The revision for exams should never be left for the last moment.
  • Keep on practicing- Practicing past exam papers is a great way to get a feel for the exam and how to answer the questions. Pay close attention to multiple-choice problems, especially to the wording, as they often include some hints and important information.
  • Take care of your health also- While you revise for exams, it is important to look after yourself during the days and weeks leading up to the event. That means that eating well and getting enough sleep should be on your priority list. 
  • Use tables and flowcharts- This is one of the best ways to revise for exams. The concepts that you learn should then be noted down as flowcharts to make it easy and interesting to revise.

Acing exams is hard work, but it’s a lot easier than most people think. The trick is to do just that: think. Revise smart and make every second count. Group your exam questions and write your answers down before you get to the exam.

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