How to be an efficient learner


A Very common phenomenon observed while studying is that you are learning but you are not able to remember what you learned. For example- not remembering the theorems of maths, concepts of physics, and reactions of chemistry, many such examples can be there. There are various ways to deal with this problem:  DEVELOPING SELF- CONFIDENCE- Confidence is believing in yourself, feeling comfortable in your true-self, knowing you have worth. If you are confident, people believe you, confidence is attractive, brings success, helps to connect well with others and you generally…

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Kill Exam Fever: Use The Art of Visualization

Use The Art of Visualization As mentioned in our previous blog relating to ‘Exam Fever’, stress before exams is an extremely common issue faced by a majority of students across the world. In some cases, exam stress can be virtually crippling, hampering a student’s ability to function during exams or hinder preparation that would help them otherwise succeed. As unnerving as all this may sound, a simple technique called visualization can really help a student get over some of that built up exam stress. It is the process of training…

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Why One Should Participate in Quizzes!

  Registration Form :   Assess Knowledge   Of course, E-Learning quizzes are meant to track, report, and evaluate learning progress and outcomes. A quiz placed at the end of a course acts as a graded assessment. Meanwhile, a mini-quiz at the end of every lesson aims to review key points prior to obtaining new information. In other words, mini-quizzes are used to ensure that learners successfully digested the information before moving onto the next section. Motivate Learners E-Learning quizzes can motivate learners to stay focused and keep moving forward. You…

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Teaching analytics assesses the teaching design by analysing the lesson plans and reflecting on how effective it is for the student learning experience. Learning analytics combines and measures student data and analyses how one can improvise on the learning methodologies and experiences to make it more useful for the student. The task of the faculty while training a student for competitive examinations or board examinations  has many elements: it involves the provision of a broad context of knowledge within which students can locate and understand the content of their more specific studies; it involves the…

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If you’re the parent of an adolescent facing exam time, knowing the way to help them access practical ways to scale back the distractions is important.   Try these top tips to assist them stay focused and develop better study habits:   Understand Energy Levels for Better Focus   Understanding energy patterns is key. For most people, the best time to focus is in the late morning. For a smaller percentage of the population, that focus burst happens best late in the night. Understanding the way your teenager works best…

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Tips To Master the Art of Time Management

How to Prepare for CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2019? Quick Preparation Tips for HS Science

Time management for students (and everyone else) is about being purposeful with your day. It’s about taking control of how you are utilizing time for productivity, focus, and in particular, balance. In today’s busy world, time management skills for college students are increasingly important. While you would possibly be looking for an easier era when time appeared to move more slowly, the realities of participation in contemporary western society requires students to possess skills in efficiency and productivity. Charles Darwin, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution once said, “A man who dares to waste an hour of life has…

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Education In The 21st Century

7 Super Tips to Ace Checkpoint Exam

We are living through an education revolution. The pace and methodologies of learning are being redesigned. School and universities are redefining the experiences of students and teachers. The impact is being felt by millions of children around the globe. The world is witnessing a shift in the way faculty are teaching and students are assimilating information. This change in educational patterns is all set to open up newer avenues for the teaching and learning groups, paving way for a modern school of thought. As popularly known, the 21st century skills…

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Post Lockdown Handbook Summary

JEE Advanced 2019 Important Dates

Online learning has become mainstream. Challenges for schools post lock-down: – Ensuring Uninterrupted Learning for all Students Ensuring Student and Staff Safety Strategies and protocols– To adopt an ‘integrated online-offline’ strategy. It ensures high student achievement without any loss in learning coverage or syllabus. Revised school timings, attendance norms and time-table: Practising social distancing in school by alternate day school or double shift school in batches of students. Classroom seating arrangement done accordingly Academic year planning: despite reduction in syllabus, the aim should be completion of entire one-year syllabus with…

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Digital Education and its Advantages

The New Education Policy 2020 aims to provide a momentum to the digital mode of education at all levels of learning, ensuring equitable use of the available technology. This digital learning system seems to be of prime importance in the current global pandemic and will prove beneficial to the students. An autonomous body will be created for the exchange of ideas on the utilization of technology to improve learning, evaluation and management. The integration of technology will improve classroom processes. It will enable the teacher to deliver personalized content and…

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Transformational reforms in higher education under NEP 2020

The new education policy will be the foundation of the new India. It will reshape the students into global citizens who are rooted in their values. The NEP 2020 focuses on invention-based, inquiry-based and analysis-based methods to help foster greater curiosity, interest and logical reasoning in the students’ minds. The NEP has been released after six years of consideration and a steady review. There were no major changes in the education system over the past 34 years and hence only a rat race continued rather than applicative knowledge assessment. The…

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