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CBSE: New Promotion Policy for Class 9th and 11th

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CBSE: New Promotion Policy for Class 9th and 11th

A new promotion policy has been announced by CBSE for classes 9 and 11. Amid the coronavirus, students have been concerned about various issues like the reopening of schools, exams, and many more. 

Exams will be held for Class 9 and 11

CBSE has asked schools to identify and remedy learning gaps and take necessary steps to correct them, following which schools have been asked to conduct examinations for Classes 9 and 11 by strictly following COVID safety protocols as per Examination Bye-Laws.

The CBSE Board feels that by conducting exams for Classes 9 and 11, schools would be able to understand areas in which students are lacking, which could then be addressed through specially-designed bridge courses in the new academic year.

Passing Criteria for Class 9 and 11

Students have to pass at least five subjects for promotion to the next class. If a student fails in one subject in Class 11, they will be allowed to write a compartment exam. If they pass the exam, they will be promoted to Class 12The same criteria will apply for class 9.

CBSE also said that schools should be fully prepared to welcome students for face-to-face classes. This, the board says, will help students to complete practicals and prepare for the exams.

“Schools should focus on each individual student, assess the learning gap, and try to address them,” the circular said. 

Though last year students were promoted without examination it won’t happen this time. So prepare well for your exams. All the best. 

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