CBSE starts 3 new subjects, skills courses from class 6 onwards

CBSE students of classes 6 to 11 would be studying skills courses from the 2020-2021 academic year onwards, the board announced in a notification 

In a CBSE notification released on April 7, the Central Board of Secondary Education announced that CBSE students of classes 6 to 11 would be studying skills courses from the 2020-2021 academic year onwards.

This new decision by CBSE is a welcome move considering the fact that even though India is churning out thousands of graduates each year, they are severely lacking in the skills that the industries actually need now. Students might have the marks, but they lack the skills to mut themselves to proper use.

Students will be offered skill courses or vocational subjects from class 6 onwards. Thus, by the time they reach class 11 or 12, they will have the necessary knowledge to make an informed choice about their careers.

“In essence this flexibility will keep multiple career possibilities open for each student, instead of the current situation of rigidity once the first choice is made,” the CBSE notification states regarding the new skill-based courses or vocational courses which would be a boon for students.

More than 8 lakhs students are presently studying skill subjects at secondary and senior secondary level in 8543 CBSE schools.

Starts from Class 6th onwards

Released on Tuesday, the CBSE notification was addressed to the heads of all CBSE-affiliated schools and stated that CBSE schools can now begin skill courses in three different levels for students:

  • For classes 6 to 8 (middle level) – 9 courses
  • For classes 9 and 10 (secondary level) – 18 courses
  • For classes 11 and 12 (senior secondary level) – 37 courses

The vocational course of skill course will be a short duration module teachers would have to only spend 12 hours of teaching time on these courses.

CBSE had already been offering skill courses or vocational courses in classes 11 and 12, but now, it is starting the courses right from middle school so that students can be well prepared by the time they reach higher classes.


A step to erase hard separation’ between curricular, co-curricular courses

As per the CBSE notification, the step was taken because the new “draft New Education Policy 2019 has clearly stated that there should be ‘no hard separation’ between curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular or academic and vocational/physical education/art.”



 Skill courses for middle level (classes 6 to 8)

 Skill courses for secondary level (classes 9 to 10)

 Skill courses for senior secondary level (classes 11 to 12)

New skill courses will help students in critical problem solving

The CBSE notification states: “To make the new generation more creative, innovative and physically fit, and to keep pace with the global developments and requirements at workplace, CBSE is introducing three new subjects namely Design-thinking’, Physical Activity Trainer’ and Artificial Intelligence’ at Class XI from the Session 2020-2021.

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