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How to make Class 12 Exam Preparation Timetable

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Benefits of creating a Class 12 Exam Timetable

The classes that are significantly important in shaping your career are Classes 11 and 12th. After clearing Class 10th exam students choose their stream for future career – Science, Commerce and Arts are usually the three streams students pick their choice from. After deciding the stream, students need to work really hard to get success in Class 12. But how?

Timetable is the important element to get success. Preparing a good and comprehensive timetable/study plan is essential to score well in Class 12 Science, Commerce and Arts stream. How making timetable helps?

  • It helps make you organized. Using the timetable you can organize your Class 12 board exam preparation.
  • Using it you can set a target for yourself to be finished within the given time.
  • They give you a fair idea of the next step which you need to take or include in your study habits to score well in the final exam.
  • It will assist you prosper with the Class 12 preparation in a simple and an effective manner.

While a lot of students tend to follow a timetable, they often make a mistake following a readymade timetable available online. While these timetable can be helpful to some extent, they aren’t 100% good to use as it is not customized as per your strengths and weaknesses. So, you should create suitable to your needs and requirements. Stop blindly following a readymade timetable.

Why is customization of timetable important?

Every student is unique and different. If you are thinking of following an already set timetable, just stop doing it. Just sit down and think how many hours can you dedicate to a particular subject to complete the Class 12 syllabus. Once you are done with the brainstorming write it down on a paper. Create it properly and comprehensively and paste it near your study desk. Follow it religiously to reach to your end goal.

Below is the sample timetable our academic experts have created to finish your Class 12 timetable on time and get success in the final exam.

  • Step 1 – Wake up at 6:00 a.m.
  • Step 2 – Dedicate 1 hour for personal activity
  • Step 3 – Take 6 hours of coaching
  • Step 4 – Take 2 hours of study break/rest/lunch break
  • Step 5 – Study Physics subject for 2 hours
  • Step 6 – You can dedicate 2 hours for Chemistry
  • Step 7 – Give 1 hour for study break/dinner
  • Step 8 – Dedicate 3 hours for Mathematics subject
  • Step 9 – Sleep for at least 7 hours. This is very important for a healthy brain and body. So, make sure you give minimum seven hours for this.

Create a timetable but follow a customized study plan for improved learning and get success in the final exam.

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Ajaz Meer November 7, 2020 - 9:31 am

Thank you for sharing the helpful information. I will follow this schedule in my daily study routine.

Ajaz Meer November 29, 2020 - 5:43 am

Its very helpful tips. I appreciate your efforts for the students which you did in this article. Keep it up.


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