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How to Prepare for ISC Class 12 Board Exam 2021? – Complete 5 Step Guide

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How to prepare for the ISC Class 12 board exam 2021

The ISC Grade XII board examination marks the culmination of an important chapter of students’ lives. Given the significance of this milestone, the ISC board examination is, naturally, designed to strike fear into candidates’ hearts. However, like with all other phobias and fears, the only way to get over them is to face them. There are strategies that students can use to prepare for and ace the examination. These are:

  1.       Plan your study schedule
  2.       Solve past papers
  3.       Self-assessment
  4.       Take notes
  5.       Understand concepts

Plan your study schedule

Effective time management is integral, not just to improve exam performance, but to lead a happier, healthier life. It can help to plan out your study schedules and create a more balanced work environment for yourself. This can lead to increased productivity, giving you a better chance at acing the ISC exams.

Solve past papers

Practicing questions that have appeared in past examinations can help students become more familiar with the pattern and structure of the tests, while simultaneously giving them an opportunity to apply concepts learned in class and test their knowledge. It also helps to do mock examinations in an exam setting, by timing yourself and creating a distraction-free space to conduct the mock test.


After solving mock tests, students should correct and analyze their papers to see where they went wrong. You can signup here for free to get access to practice papers and mock tests that are guided by AI-based personalized learning and assessment to give accurate results and analysis of your exam preparation.

Doing so can give students a much more comprehensive idea of their preparation status and help serve as a guide for what topics need more attention and focus. Following this approach ensures that students leave no stone unturned for their success.

Take notes

Taking notes is a surefire tactic to increase retention and improve focus. Writing notes essentially makes you outline concepts and answers in the way that you understand them best and can serve as extremely valuable revision material before the ISC exam. I would encourage you to take notes for each subject, which can boost your overall score.

Understand concepts

It is crucial to understand concepts and theories as this is the only way students will be able to solve questions they have not seen before and are heavily application-based. Studying is also much more fun and engaging when you are actively understanding the material instead of rote learning definitions and answers. This approach will serve you well for all examinations, not just the ISC Board exams.

Keep these tips in mind when you begin preparing for your ISC Board examinations, and from all of us at Speedlabs, best of luck, reach out to us to enroll or signup for a demo!

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