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How to Prepare for NEET in Last 30 Days

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How to Prepare for NEET in Last 30 Days

What would you do if you have to prepare for NEET 2019 in just a month? We know its super tough to do so. May be it is impossible to do so if you don’t have even the basic idea about NEET syllabus and topics.


However, a great preparation strategy for NEET UG is a great revision plan. If you have strong basics and looking forward to a solid revision plan for NEET 2019, here is what you need to focus on.

Preparing for NEET in last one month


  • Have a syllabus – Before you began preparing make sure you have a detailed and correct syllabus with you to refer. Once you have that, get started with your revision.
  • Start solving previous year question papers – Candidates should have at least 10 years previous year papers of NEET. Choose topics and try to finish 1 chapter from Physics, 2 from Biology and 1 from Chemistry. Also, set a target to finish a couple topics in a day and ensure you achieve it.
  • Be true to yourself – While taking NEET mock test and previous year question papers it is easy to peep into the answer/solution book or use mobile phone to get the answer. But by doing this you will not achieve anything. You take these tests to see where you stand in your preparation just before the exam. Do not use mobile phones for help. You can start with Organic Chemistry since that is the easiest topic to begin with.
  • Follow a plan – Starting anything and making it a routine is tough, surely. But you have to do it to achieve your dream. Make revision and practice a part of your life. Have at least 20 day plan ready and follow it religiously. The reason for having and following a strict plan is because once you start following the plan; your mind will automatically adjust to the timings.
  • Day-wise planning – While you create a monthly or weekly plan, divide your each day logically. Do not overstress yourself. Out of the 24 hours you have, give minimum 14 hours to your revision. Out of the 14 total hours, you can give 6 hours to Biology, 4 hours to Physics and 4 hours to Chemistry. You can change the bifurcation as per your comfort level with any of the subjects.


The above NEET preparation plan in 30 days is not a sure shot way to achieve success. But have a proper plan can surely boost your revision for NEET 2019.

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