Prepare Your Children For the AI Driven World

Prepare your children for the AI driven world

Artificial intelligence has already begun disrupting entire industries, and it’s poised to completely transform the way people work. As businesses across all industries adopt AI tools in droves, they’ll need employees who can use them effectively. 

AI in schools

As schools wrestle with questions around how to incorporate computer science into their curriculum, they need to start factoring AI into the equation. 

There are two approaches to teach AI to kids. 

1st approach

This approach is used when a separate AI curriculum isn’t feasible. AI subjects can be incorporated into other subjects so students become accustomed to using the technology to support their work.

This could be as simple as creating a virtual assistant station in the classroom to use for gathering information during research projects. For younger kids, teaching AI could include practicing how to interact appropriately with tools such as Siri or Google voice assistant. As they get older, they can learn how to hone their questions to elicit better responses.

Educators can also explore commercial or scientific applications for AI and then adapt them for classroom use. 

2nd approach

The second approach is simply to develop a separate curriculum for teaching artificial intelligence. This can include starting from the basics like the definition of artificial intelligence, and how it will be used in the future,  then finally beginning with the application part. One can even incorporate AI-based learning.

Ethical issues related to AI

It is also important to teach the children about ethical issues related to artificial intelligence and ethical issues related to the digital world.

Lessons related to digital citizenship, humanities, or ethics can all include discussions on the technology’s implications.

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