There is always a better way to Learn from failures, “Lets Speed our Practice with SpeEdLabs”

When we practice we do fail often, but this does not define who you are, try try till you succeed. Introspect and learn what you should have done.

When we pursue Goals, Dreams, Passion, doing preparation of competitive exams we face tough situation and

Failures are part of success.

Review what you did to convert your failure into lesson Its always how you learn is important to what you learn. Try to learn from other people mistakes. Success leaves cues and so does failure , understand it, change it, win it.

Never fear to take step again and start, If somebody has achieved success you probably know the way and pattern to follow. Decide your path do proper planning and execute it.

Never Stop Practicing, Stop fearing Failures

Every day is New, Lets Learn a New.

This is Where SpeEdLabs come as a saviour you learn from your practice,

A great Personalized Practicing Platform with artificial intelligence in it which improves child via mind mapping and making platform adaptable. It Provides personalized homework according to the student actual gaps and errors. It provides all difficulty level questions on every concept to increase understanding level of students. A great help to students as well as Teachers. Appropriate use of technology to increase the IQ level of students targeting all kinds of exams.

Made with the help of 25+ IITians. This platform currently is being used by 500 + Institutes across India and 200 + ( 40%) Speedlabs Technology Partners has witnessed Business Growth after usage of our Product in this Pandemic. Hybrid Learning is a future Education ( Online+ Offline), Survival without using technology is not possible in coming days.We all are well Aware of 70 % Downfall of Business across the Globe and Byjus taking over Akash is the recent example of coming Hybrid Model Well Renowned Brands like Bansal, Resonance, CSRL ( Super 30) is using this product. And Online players (Byjus, Vedantu etc) doubling their Businesses every Month .Also Printed Material is not enough, Analysis and Personalized guidance is important for growth of Student Result.

SpEdLabs is an innovative practicing platform for Teachers as well as Students solving all the loopholes in Traditional Education like. MindMapping and matching thus therby increasing the IQ level of each and every student in 3 months also Providing Personalized Homework unique to each and every student to increase their Understanding level.

Teacher plus Technology comibnation, teacher will be connected even when he/she is not physically present after the classes via artificial intelligence reporting and can do analysis for further improvement as well as increasing the result of overall batch of institutes leading to increase the admissions.

SpeEdlabs provides platform with the marketing and Branding of respective teacher or institution to give them recognition as Teacher is never replaceable and they are providing a technology tool to teacher.

Its vision is to provide a top notch, technology based Learning and Practice platform to our students at an affordable price, thus empowering every student to grow into their full potential.



Choose Best for you

As they are commited towards success for Each Student

Speed up you Practice and career with SpEdLabs



Thanks and Keep Shining

Akansha Shrivastava

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