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Top 10 Traits of IIT JEE Toppers You Must Instill

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Top 10 Traits of IIT JEE Toppers You Must Instill

In a country like India, where millions of candidates register for some entrance examination each year, it is easy to get stressed and overwhelmed. Each of these candidates put in their best to score well in the final exam, which surely takes toll on their mind and body equally.

In the race to score good marks in IIT JEE, candidates often look up to the All India Rank holders of JEE for inspiration and motivation. Understanding this, we bring you top 10 qualities or traits of these toppers that you should surely embrace to prepare in the right way for the entrance test. Know how.

Top 10 Traits of IIT JEE Toppers You Must Instill


  1. Start early – This has been said several times, and we are saying this again – start your preparation before time. An early start gives a complete edge to a topper and their preparation. While it is never too late to begin your JEE preparation, it is always best to start for the race as early as possible.
  2. Self-discipline – You are adult enough to know your good and bad. Nobody will run behind you to keep your disciplined. You are at that stage of life where you should have self-control and you should be self-disciplined to get good result. You need to train yourself to go beyond the extreme.
  3. Proper Planning – It is rightly said that if you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail. Always plan your day in advance, you should know one day before which topic or subject you are going to study tomorrow. Also, at the end of the day solve mock test to get through with the topic you have studied.
  4. Time Management – Keep a track of your time – what you do in a day, how time you took to study one subject, how many hours you devoted to solve the sample questions of that topic. While  it is important to maintain a study schedule of 12 to 14 hours a day, you should also give importance to the quality of your study you are doing every day.
  5. Understand rather than memorizing – Mugging will surely keep concepts fresh in your mind, but you will never understand it properly – where to apply and when to apply it. So, it makes no sense to study that concept when you don’t understand a particular concept. Do it the topper way – understand more, memorize less. It is aptly said that there are shortcuts to success.
  6. Test your preparation – Rightly said! Simply studying is of no use. You should test your preparation regularly to stay up to date with the concepts and topics you study. Remember, nobody is born topper, it is only through constant practice and revision you achieve that crucial position.
  7. Solve mock test and papers – You should solve 3-4 mock papers or previous year questions papers each day. Solving papers improves your problem solving speed and accuracy.
  8. Regular revision – Revision does not mean last minute preparation, and it will never mean that way ever. Revision should go hand in hand with your preparation schedule. Students tend to forget the concepts because they don’t use it in everyday life. One of the best ways to keep them fresh in your mind, according to toppers is regular revision.
  9. Take care of yourself – While studying, revision and practice everything is required, but you shouldn’t forget about your health during this phase. You should eat well, exercise daily, drink fresh fruit juice and lots of water daily to keep yourself hydrated and energetic.
  10. Be confident – Lastly, be confident about your preparation. Have the confidence to tell yourself that you have what it takes and can crack the exam with a good score, everyday. Self motivation is always the best thing to keep yourself going even in the toughest situations.


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