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Top 5: How To Build Rock Solid Concepts In Physics For IIT-JEE?

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Building rock-solid concepts in physics is harder than scoring well in physics which already may seem difficult to most of the students. It’s an easy ride if you focus on understanding the concepts and the mathematics behind the topics rather than spending time mugging up the standard types of problems. Systematized practice is key to establishing rock solid concepts for physics especially for competitive exams like the JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) for admissions to prestigious institutes like the IITs’ and NITs’.

Basics should be clear

What you must not forget here is that the basic concepts in physics and syllabus must be completely covered. There is no excuse to leave out any topic for the exam. JEE Main 2021 and Class XII exam preparation can be clubbed for this purpose. If you’re not clear with your basics, building a strong foundation might be the key to your success.

Important topics

Some topics are pretty important in every subject and we all know it. These topics are critical for building foundation for crystal-clear concepts in physics. So we did an analysis and came up with the ones that you shouldn’t miss in your preparation for JEE Main. Click here to know more.

Making Notes

One of the important aspects of JEE Main Preparation Tips for Physics is that you must make short notes as you go through each of the topics. This is a good reference tactic during the last days of the exam as it allows you to check the topic without opening the textbook and going into detail. Glancing back through your prepared notes is extremely efficient as a quick revision for any topic in the subject.

Make Flashcards

Making flashcards for the formulae and topics you feel you need to be clear with. Just a glance during the last days will sort them out for you. It also encourages photographic memory that can be extremely advantageous as a trait to students.

Solving Numericals

Learning is only useful if you know how to implement that what you have learned. Thus, solving numericals is cardinal to build solid concepts in physics and, as a matter of fact, for all subjects. Click here for some of the best tips for solving numericals.

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