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Our vision is to provide Top Quality Personal guidance; and Best Technology Practice Platform at an Affordable price to our students.

Founded by IIT/IIM alumni with extensive teaching experience, SpeedLabs believes in the concept of practice makes perfect and the effectiveness of face-to-face guidance, customized to each individual student’s needs. With learning centers located in Powai, Charni Road, Kandivali and Versova, SpeedLabs is results-oriented and believes in empowering students to grow into their full potential, especially in the areas of math and science.

Unlike home tuitions, which are too casual, unstructured and lacking in facilities/resources and unlike video-based lectures, which are non-interactive, lacking in student-teacher engagement and are unsuitable for non-visual learners and those who are less motivated, SpeedLabs drives home results through practice under personal guidance. Let’s face it – even the best sports players require an excellent coach to bring out their best, and bringing out the best in every student is precisely what SpeedLabs strives toward.


At SpeedLabs, students benefit from a variety of elements, including personalized instructions and attention, one-on-one guidance, regular corrective feedback and positive reinforcement, interactive small-group sessions that encourage dialogue, participation and application of instructions, small class sizes of 6-8 students per teacher, which minimizes student’s tendency to let their attention wander, individual and guided practice study sessions, focus on grasping concepts at a root level, development of self-study habits, which will be useful in college in the long-term, no distractions (mobile phones are not allowed during practice sessions) and methodical identification of areas of improvement for each student, combined with focused efforts to address these through structured practice. Furthermore, SpeedLabs’ integrated technology based platform paces practice assignments at each student’s appropriate level, with monitoring of performance, gap areas and progress, as well as in-depth personalized insights after each practice session.

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Vivek Varshney

CEO & Founder of SpeedLabs


Our mission is to provide the personalized education to each and every student at an affordable price with the use of the most advanced AI and machine learning technologies.

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