CBSE Class 7 Physics Syllabus

CBSE Class 7 Syllabus Physics

Chapter 4: Heat

4.1: Hot and Cold

4.2: Measuring Temperature

4.3: Laboratory Thermometer

4.4: Transfer of Heat

4.5: Kinds of Clothes We Wear in Summer and Winter.

Chapter 8: Winds, Storms, And Cyclones

8.1: Air Exerts Pressure

8.2: High-Speed Winds Are Accompanied by Reduced Air Pressure

8.3: Air Expands on Heating

8.4: Wind Currents Are Generated Due to Uneven Heating on The Earth

8.5: Thunderstorms and Cyclones

8.6: Destruction Caused by Cyclones

8.7: Effective Safety Measures

8.8: Advanced Technology Has Helped

Chapter 13: Motion And Time

13.1: Slow or Fast

13.2: Speed

13.3: Measurement of Time

13.4: Measuring Speed

13.5: Distance-Time Graph.

Chapter 14: Electric Current And Its Effects

14.1: Symbols of Electric Components

14.2: Heating Effect of Electric Current

14.3: Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

14.4: Electromagnet

14.5: Electric Bell.

Chapter 15: Light

15.1: Light Travels Along A Straight Line

15.2: Reflection of Light

15.3: Right or Left!

15.4: Playing with Spherical Mirrors

15.5: Images Formed by Lenses

15.6: Sunlight — White Or Coloured?.


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