ICSE Biology Class-6

ICSE Biology Class 6


ICSE Class 6 is one of the most significant years of a student’s academic career, as they gain proficiency with the most essential concepts. The CISCE devise a well-planned prospectus so that the students are acquainted with some critical points. Additionally, understanding the prospectus and rules helps students get better prepared for the tests

The subject specialists at SpeEdLabs set up the accompanying review materials for the Class 6 students of the ICSE board. These review materials are created with extreme attention to detail and legitimate references. From the prospectus to test papers and significant inquiries, these review materials cover everything.

Class 6 students studying in ICSE affiliated schools, can now access a huge resource of study material, optimised for the ICSE board on this platform. Class 6 students studying under the ICSE curriculum have an all-inclusive syllabus for subjects like Science, Math, English and Hindi. At SpeEdLabs, it is ensured that Class 6 students do not have to look elsewhere for any sort of academic guidance.

ICSE is one of the renowned educational boards in India, falling under the CISCE. Students have to be well aware of the subjects to be studied before the academic year of Class 6 begins. It is very important to learn the basic concepts of the subjects mentioned below to excel in the future.

Chapter-1 Plant Life

This first chapter in biology is quite an important and easy one that has many small and simple topics. The topics covered here are The Leaf, its structure, functionalities, kind of leaves, types of venation, modifications, and modes of propagation are discussed in detail along with diagrams. Apart from the other important topic, The Flower, its structure, functionality, pollination, fertilization, formation of fruit, various parts of fruit, germination, and its conditions are also explained here with suitable diagrams and pictorial representation for a deeper understanding.

Chapter-2 The Cell

Here are the topics like definition and differences between plant and animal cells, their structures and functionalities followed with diagrams explaining in detail, and also terms like cell wall, cell membrane, Plastids, Nucleus, Vacuole, Cytoplasm, their structures, and definitions are also discussed with examples and diagrams.

Chapter-3 Human Body

The two main key concepts in this chapter are respiratory and digestive systems, their structures, the various parts involved, their functionalities, the importance of the respective systems, the effects and diseases of lack of normal functioning of any of the two systems are well explained here with suitable examples.

Chapter-4 Health and Hygiene

Here the topics like types of diseases, their definitions and prevention steps, modes of transmission of diseases, and measures to be taken to keep healthy and hygiene surroundings are a few of the concepts covered in this chapter.

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